How to effectively raise Happy Home Academy rank in ‘Animal Crossing’

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Happy Home Academy is one of the most highly anticipated features of the game.

For the first time in the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons introduces the game with a challenging start and an end game. This new approach will build the game’s eternal loop, including the Happy Home Academy feature.

What is Happy Home Academy

In previous Animal Crossing entries, almost all the unlockables in the game were triggered by accumulating several Bells or doing specific tasks repeatedly.

For New Horizons, even after the end credits have rolled, a few achievements remain in the game to give players a motivation to still play the game.

Among these goals is to achieve the highest rank given by the Happy Home Academy. The academy is an in-game organization that evaluates a player’s home in Animal Crossing.

How to raise ratings

Players have no way to check their Happy Home Academy rating other than an email sent every Sunday morning.

Following these general guidelines will help guarantee a higher rating on the next Sunday.


According to Animal Crossing experts, four items are affecting the Happy Home Academy ratings – tables, chairs, beds, and dressers.

The first thing to do when trying to achieve a high rating is to make sure that all of these things are present inside the house.

Display similar items

One of the best ways to satisfy the Academy is to display items belonging to the same set inside the house.

This means building DIY recipes that share the same keywords, such as Ironwood and Cherry items. Aside from that, players can also match seasonal furniture, including the ones from the Bunny Day and cherry blossom Animal Crossing events.

Additionally, furniture with the same color will also please the Happy Home Academy’s visual senses.


An item put on top of a table or placed on a wall has been proven to earn more points compared to those just left alone on the floor.

Utilize big tables and the top of dressers to get some items off the ground so they will stand out to the eyes of Happy Home Academy.

Feng Shui

The first rule of feng shui is that the furniture should flow in a certain way.

The easiest way to do this is to guarantee that the chairs are not facing the wall. In other words, furniture and items inside the house should be usable and accessible.

There are also color guidelines to follow in feng shui. Some examples are yellow items that should be on the left and red items should be on the right side of the house.

Following all these tips will guarantee an increased rank in Happy Home Academy. Just make sure to display all the trophies given by the academy so all of the neighbors can see it.

Featured image courtesy of ZOOT/Youtube Screenshot


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