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How to find all the ‘Fortnite’ gnomes in Homely Hills


Season 3 has finally been launched a few days ago. One of the season’s new challenge is to find all the Fortnite gnomes in Homely Hills.

A new season has come, and this means players will need to find Fortnite gnomes again in exchange for a few extra XP. Following the events which happened in The Device, the parts of the battle royale map are now submerged underwater.

With the release of the new Fortnite season, there will always be new challenges to complete. Some of the new challenges include killing Loot Sharks in Sweaty Sands, looking for chests in Rickety Rig, and eliminating players in Steamy Stacks.

Another new challenge also tasks players to locate three Fortnite gnomes around Homely Hills. The said location is one of the new landmarks added in Fortnite’s Season 3 map.

Where is Homely Hills?

Homely Hills is one of the few places on the battle royale map which was not affected by floods during the Doomsday event. The area is located in the northern part of the previous season’s map and is near Lockie’s Lighthouse.

Where are the Fortnite gnomes?

Players will need to locate three gnomes to complete the challenge. All of the gnomes can be located at the northwestern part of Homely Hills.

Here are easiest and quickest gnomes to find in the area:

  • A Fortnite gnome is hiding beside a rock just outside of a yellow house in the eastern part of Homely Hills.
  • Another gnome can be located beside a tree. The tree is located at a road intersection west of the center of Homely Hills.
  • Another Fortnite gnome can be found standing beside a barbecue grill outside of the southwestern-most red house.

There are also Fortnite gnomes hidden inside the houses in Homely Hills. However, players only need to find three to complete the mission.

Difficult to complete

Since this is a new challenge for Season 3, players will be flocking the area in efforts to quickly gain points for their Battle Pass. Everyone should expect that there will be a lot of enemies in the area who are also looking for gnomes.

Players who are eliminated before finding three gnomes need not worry. The challenge doesn’t require completion in a single match. Players can just join in the game again and go back to search for more Fortnite gnomes. However, the challenge cannot be completed by locating the same gnome in the same area.

Featured image courtesy of GamesRadar/YouTube Screenshot

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