How to find the elusive and deadly Scaly Pete in ‘Maneater’


In Maneater, Scaly Pete is one of the hardest villains to find. Even after he is located, players will have a difficult time defeating him.

Since Maneater is an open-world RPG, players can control the shark swim to wherever they want.

The game allows players to swim freely across 8 various areas. These areas contain secrets to explore and tons of objectives to complete.

One goal in mind

As players play as a Maneater shark traversing the busy shores of the Gulf of Mexico, players can eat anything they see to make them grow bigger and stronger.

However, they should have a single purpose in mind – revenge against Scaly Pete. In the game, Scaly Pete is the shark hunter who killed the protagonist’s mother.

However, while players have this daunting quest in mind, they don’t actually encounter him that much. Instead, players can only encounter him after finishing the eight main parts of the story.

Players need to do a few things before they can find Scaly Pete.

Who is Scaly Pete

Scaly Pete is the main villain in the Maneater game. Players will have to work hard to go up the food chain to finally get to Scaly Pete. Getting to Scaly Fete is not an easy task and there is only one way to find and fight him.

Most of the time, Scaly Pete will never show up on the map. However, a signal to his location will appear once players finish all the recommended tasks on the objective screen.

Check or Fight

Although Maneater has a complex storyline with the underwater world, players will need to clear a specific area to trigger a scene with Scaly Pete.

Clearing this area enables players the chance to “Check” and eventually “Fight” with Scaly Pete. Throughout the whole game, Scaly Pete will often be busy with his reality TV show.

In addition, players won’t be able to interact with him for the majority of the campaign. As parts of the map get explored bit by bit, players will eventually be tasked to find Scaly Pete every once in a while.


It may sound confusing at first, but looking for Scaly Pete is easy. Players who want to fight Scaly Pete will need to open their objective screen and complete all the quests listed in it.

After finishing the Maneater area objectives, Scaly Pete’s location will be shown on the map. Swimming there will trigger a cutscene and eventually a chance to get revenge on him.

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