How to find ‘Trials of Mana’ secret boss, the Black Rabite?

A party encountering 'Trials of Mana' Secret Boss

Trials of Mana has a post-game content that is seemingly stapled to most JRPGS—a rather difficult post-game boss fight. But accessing this secret boss after the main game is finished varies significantly to the character players chose to pick.

Trials of Mana’s secret boss is called Black Rabite. True to its name, this powerful monster looks like a dark-colored rabbit, sans the hands and feet. However, not to be judged solely for its looks, this optional boss fight is tough.

Completionists of the game will surely want to encounter this seemingly easily surmountable enemy. Primarily, for its ‘Rabite Trapper’ achievement reward. But do not let its cuddly looks fool you into thinking that it will be an easy fight—this battle takes longer than what would be perceived upfront.

Different Hero, Different Path

As premised, coming across the boss fight would differ significantly to your chosen character as a player.

But let this article guide you on how to navigate your way to Black Rabite based on your chosen character.

For Charlotte or Kevin, the player must navigate the character back to the Mirage Palace. Else, for Angela or Duran, the player must lead the character to the Crystal Desert. Lastly, Hawkeye and Riesz, the player must revisit the Night Cavern.

Being at the right place as aforementioned, each character will subsequently encounter a black statue that looks like a rabbit. If that is not telling enough, this is exactly Black Rabite in its static form.

An Ominous Battle

Players who are not confident enough on taking the mystery boss may choose to leave the area, only to return afterwards after gaining enough levels to beef up. Either way, even at high enough levels, the battle with this hidden boss is going to be difficult.

To those who are surefooted in overcoming the mysterious creature, engaging it into battle is easy as speaking to the figure. The idea is to check the statue that will subsequently reveal a strange, dark aura that is Black Rabite and its malevolence.

However, be forewarned—the Black Rabite is no simple post-game boss. It is actually the toughest of all bosses there are in the game. You can literally expect to spend a substantial amount of time trying to beat this monster while playing defensively to survive the ordeal.

But like many difficult challenges, the reward for surmounting the game’s most difficult boss fight is in and of itself a gain.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/100% Guides

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