How to get a Palamute egg in ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute trailer

Here’s a basic guide on how you can get your own Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 just received its anticipated Title 1 update whose promise is the addition of the Palamute DLC. Which, to those who didn’t know, is the canine-like monster (or monstie) that’s basically a fresh addition in the series.

While dog lovers among the players will love it for its dog-like appearance, players will also adore it the same for its uniqueness. Not only does it harbor two of the most useful Rider Actions in-game, it also come in variants, too. The former implying the monstie’s ability to Jump gaps and climb ivy vines. The latter, on the other hand, speaks of the elemental/non-elemental versions of the monster.


Getting access to a Palamute comes in part as a free additional content within the 1.1.0 update. Players would just need to apply the update to the game in order to experience it in-game. From there, meeting a Palamute egg for the purpose of hatching would imply getting on a den that houses one.

Granted that the player has already met the requirements. That is, having reached Lulucion and has unlocked the ability to go on co-op quests, players can then get their first Palamute egg.

Ticket First

But first, there’s the need for a ticket that will bring the player directly to a den that could potentially contain a Palamute egg. The chance of appearing and the quality of the egg of which are dependent on the ticket used.

For post-game users, getting a ticket is as simple as doing the 8-Star subquest (special), Throw Me a Bone. Finishing this quest, by exchanging Monster Bone+, grants 3x Palamute Ticket (R) and 1x Palamute Ticket (SR). Not the best tickets to go by, but is good enough to give admission to a den with a Palamute egg in it. Although, to reiterate, mileage may vary.

Alternatively, players can buy an essential Palamute ticket at the Melynx, Inc. Using bottle caps, they will have an access to a full range of tickets for the monstie. The more expensive kinds of which offer higher chances as well as greater quality eggs.

Entering the Den

To finally enter the den, players must interact with the Quest Board. From there, choose Multiplayer (online or local), and then Co-op Quests. Finally, choose the type of exploration venue you would like to visit—a 5-star Palamute Den or an 8-star Palamute Home. It’s worth noting that the latter is technically inaccessible until post-game and that it harbors strong monsters.

Alternatively, players can hitch a free ride to a likely Palamute-holding den by joining someone else’s quest online.

Image used courtesy of Monster Hunter/YouTube Screenshot

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