How to get all armor set in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’: Part 2

Ghost of Tsushima Armor Set Part 2

The quest to get all of Jin Sakai’s armor sets continues on. In this article, we will cover all the remaining equipment that could give our wandering protagonist a different minutia. Like previously mentioned, this is in terms of not only in looks but also with other perks as well.

If the first several list covered in the first-half of the article has enough excitement to pique interest. Then, prepare for more of the same in this list.

Sakai Clan Armor

To wear the Sakai Clan Armor is essentially to be one of two things in Ghost of Tsushima. Whether you like killing with one blow or doing so and terrifying those who dare see the action first-hand. Featuring an enhancement to both Jin’s physical faculties and Standoff Streak, this armor is a bona fide killer swordsman imagery.

Players get the chance to get the Sakai Clan Armor set during the Ghost from the Past mission in Act 2.

Ghost Armor

Donning the Ghost Armor is akin to taking the path of a Shinobi, which, technically, is just another branch of the Samurai. Unlike the latter who is intrepid in facing enemies in sword fights, the former relies more on stealth in getting the job done.

With Jin wearing the Ghost Armor, becoming stealthy becomes an easier job due to the equipment’s accumulated perks. Not only is he harder to detect with the suit, it also significantly reduces the number of kills required to enter Ghost Stance.

While killing opponents unseen is the name of the game, other times such plans can be subject to witness. Thanks to the Ghost Armor’s perk, however, anyone who does see killing becomes terrified. Subsequently, leaving no space for a potential witness.

As perky as it sounds like, access to this armor does not come sooner than during the From the Darkness mission at the tail-end of Act 2.

Mongol Commander’s Armor

The Mongol Commander’s Armor is an equipment that lets you play sneakily past the opponent’s attention while also being a tank. While wearing this armor set does not leave out suspicion of getting detected, it makes the process slow by the Mongol army.

Even so, even a small number of enemies cannot just easily overcome the hardy nature of this armor set. With beefed-up hit points and drastically reduced damage, this is tanking at its finest.

To get the armor, you need to go through the process of liberating certain Mongol-occupied territories at the onset of Act 3.


The Fundoshi is not necessarily what you would call an “armor” for its relative lack of wearables. You’re basically naked by wearing this set. But it comes at a perk of being harder to hear when running or sprinting, making navigation across certain areas easier.

To claim the Fundoshi gear, simply find all of the game’s 18 hot springs.

Image used courtesy of JorRaptor/YouTube Screenshot

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