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How to get all the armor set in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’: Part 1


Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game about a samurai fighting the Mongol invasion in feudal era Japan. While Jin’s katana plays a pivotal role in repelling said encroachment, his armor, too, is significant in him withstanding formidable foes.

Throughout the game, the samurai protagonist comes across a variety of equipment that changes the way he looks. But more than just aesthetics aimed at giving refreshment to the visuals, each armor set is unique for their perks.

Needless to say, some armor sets are better suited than others in diverse situations. The key to surviving the game is, therefore, to be properly equipped according to the game’s changing conditions.

Here’s a list of every armor set you can get in-game:

Traveler’s Attire

Players get the Traveler’s Attire by coming across the first merchant in the game. It’s a reward arising from merely speaking to the NPC. While the equipment is not particularly useful in boosting Jin’s defense, it’s noteworthy for its enhanced capability of tracking artifacts.

Samurai Clan Armor

Kicking off Act 1, the Tale of Lady Masako becomes available to players. If completed, this story mission grants the Samurai Clan armor that gives our protagonist better survivability in sword-to-sword combat.

Ronin Attire

Another one of the mission rewards to get in Act 1, specifically with the completion of Blood on the Grass. The Ronin attire is kind of special in that it sits between improving Jin’s fighting capability while also enhancing stealth.

Tayadori’s Armor

Players who have a penchant for engaging combat at a distance with a bow find good perks with the Tayadori’s armor. With the ability to boost Concentration, draw, and reload speed, this armor is every hunter-type player’s ideal equipment. Getting it is fairly easy, though, as it only requires completion of the The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale.

Gosaku’s Armor

The Gosaku’s armor is every sword fighter’s dream armor set. With the ability for enhanced Stagger and to recover hit points for killing staggered opponents, no armor guarantees better survivability against multiple enemies than this. To get it, simply complete The Unbreakable Gosaku Mythic Tale in Act 2.

Kensei Armor

The Kensei armor works best when using Ghost weapons that render Jin to become powered while leaving the opponent debuffed. The armor also makes its wearer resilient in attacks by boosting their Resolve. To claim the armor set, simply finish The Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale.
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