How to get and evolve a Kubfu in ‘Isle of Armor’ DLC

Isle of Armor’s release means the new Legendary Kubfu is now available. The pokemon has two evolutions that have a different combat style.

The Isle of Armor DLC will be introducing a lot of new content to Pokemon Sword and Shield, including the ones from the older generations. The new Legendary Pokemon Kubfu will also be joining the game as well.

Kubfu might look like a cute and harmless Pokemon, but it can dish out extremely strong punches. It usually spends most of its time training in order to improve its mind and body. The Pokemon will be exclusively available for players who availed the Isle of Armor DLC.

Where to find Kubfu

Kubfus are known to inhabit areas with expansive mountain ranges that are far from the Galar region. However, players can find one inside one specific building inside the Isle of Armor.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to find this Kubfu:

  1. Open Pokemon Sword and Shield
  2. After buying the expansion pass, go to the Isle of Armor
  3. Visit the Dojo
  4. Talk to Master Mustard and complete his challenges
  5. After finishing the challenges, talk again to Master Mustard to unlock an encounter with Kubfu

Players who want a specific IV and nature for Kubfu must save their game before talking again to Master Mustard.

How to evolve Kubfu

After Master Mustard has given his Kubfu, players will have to challenge trainers inside the Tower of Darkness or The Tower of Waters.

The trial will test a trainer’s knowledge in Pokemon battles and will need a little bit of luck to succeed. Upon completion of the trial, Kubfu will be able to evolve depending on the tower a player has chosen.

Urshifu forms

Players who have finished the Tower of Darkness trials will let Kubfu evolve into Urshifu Single Strike Style. On the other hand, players who took the Tower of Waters will receive Urshifu Rapid Strike Style.

Each form also has different typing, so players will have to think a lot before making a decision. Urshifu Rapid Style Strike will have fighting and water typing along with the Surging Strikes signature move.

On the other hand, Urshifu Single Strike Style has a fighting dark typing with a signature move called Wicked Blow. Urshifu will also have two unique Gigantamax forms, and Gmax moves as well.

Players can only receive one Kubfu per game unless there is someone willing to trade this Legendary Pokemon.

Featured image courtesy of AbdallahSmash026/YouTube Screenshot

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