How to get Aquaman’s Trident in Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite's Aquaman's Trident

It has been 5 weeks since the Aquaman challenge was introduced into Fortnite and with it comes the final task for the DC character. Like previous challenges, this last challenge is not necessarily difficult to attain as it’s only a simple fetch quest.

The item in question is one that is dear to Aquaman and one, which will be to players, too, due to its novelty. Basically, it’s no other than the hero’s personal weapon itself, the trident.

You do not just get this challenge for free, however. For the Aquaman challenge to become accessible, you must first be a Season 3 Battle Pass owner. This implies a little real money spending.

You might be a big Aquaman fan or not, but if you’re at least a completionist, you would want to check this out.

The demand for the challenge is pretty straightforward and simple—grab the trident at Coral Cove.

Where do I find Coral Cove?

If you are new into the game and have no idea where the Coral Cove is, the spot is located specifically at the northwestern part of the map. More specifically, it’s that small area of the overall map northwest of Sweaty Sands.

There are plenty of ways you could employ to reach the site. But the fastest is undeniably by jumping from the Battle Bus towards it.

Where is the Trident?

The Coral Cove is a place for small landmasses. To get yourself the trident, all you will need is to head in one of three islets that float the area’s seawater. The trident itself is not particularly hidden to not be easy to spot. If anything, it sticks out like a sore thumb as a golden object standing on a rock.

Coming across the weapon and claiming it is relatively easy. But the real challenge comes from the idea of not getting attacked while in the process. As claiming the trident can literally take several seconds, you are leaving yourself vulnerable during the period.

Completing this simple quest, you would get Aquaman’s Trident as a harvesting tool. In addition to having new equipment in your inventory, though, the same weapon is also key in yet another remaining quest involving the DC figure.

If you are keen on getting the Arthur Curry skin for Aquaman, there is no better time to do that than when you already possess the trident.

Image used courtesy of TheLlamaSir/YouTube Screenshot

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