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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ season 6 episode 13: Annalise on memory lane


New information about her deceased husband rocks the world of Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis).

How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 13 will be taking TV audiences on a trip down memory lane.

The teasers and the title for the next episode indicate the characters might reevaluate the character of Sam (Tom Verica). The HTGAWM season 6 episode is titled What If Sam Wasn’t the Bad Guy This Whole Time? This could mean that viewers will be treated to more revelations about Sam’s life.

Back in the first season, Sam’s demise was a major turning point for the legal drama. He was the first major character to be killed off in the series, which resulted in a chain of events. These events and misfortunes eventually snowballed to several questionable life and career choices for Annalise and the Keating Five.

Nate kills Xavier

In a shocking twist, Nate (Billy Brown) killed Xavier (Jencarlos Canela). This sets the stage for an explosive set of events in How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 13.

After hours of Nate torturing him, Xavier confessed that his father, Jorge Castillo, had a hand in murdering Nate Sr. He even offered to help him take down Jorge, telling Nate that his father deserves to be taken down.

However, Nate concluded that he would perhaps hurt Jorge more if he killed Xavier, according to a recap. Just like that, he snapped Xavier’s neck and instantly killed him.

Earlier in the hour, Gabriel (Rome Flynn) divulged that the FBI killed Asher. However, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), and Connor (Jack Falahee) do not trust him fully.

More plots were disclosed and it was revealed that Gabriel’s mother, Vivian, visited Annalise. She told the lawyer that she knows who started the ongoing crusade against her.

Annalise, however, was already aware that it was Sam’s sister, Hannah Keating. As for the reason of this uncontrolled hatred towards her, that remains to be seen.

How to Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 13 preview

Based on the latest preview, the next installment of HTGAWM season 6 will be an emotional ride for Annalise. She is shown grappling with the upcoming revelations about his deceased husband’s past.

How To Get Away with Murder season 6 episode 13 will be the third to the last episode of the entire series. The fate of Annalise Keating is still unclear as of this moment as her “funeral” was shown at the start of the season.

The next How to Get Away with Murder episode will air on Thursday, April 30, at 10:00 PM ET.

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