How to get platinum achievement in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’


You must be a completionist if coveting platinum is part of your purpose in playing Ghost of Tsushima. If this is indeed your jam, we have got you covered. Listed here are the trophies required for the feat and how to attain them each.

The number of trophies to gather is decently long, but getting them is mostly easy. Some require you to play the game and accomplish “tales simply.” But others are more specific that an average gamer might overlook without due research.

The Headstrong Thief

Complete all of Yuna’s Tales missions.

The Unbending Archer

Complete every one of the nine Sensei Ishikawa’s Tales.

The Vengeful Warrior

Finish all of Lady Masako’s Tales.

The Warrior Monk

Complete all of Norio’s Tales.

Monochrome Masters

Buy at least one dye from both White Dye Merchant and Black Dye Merchant. Do note that both merchants take flowers as currency for their merchandise. It would pay to keep as many flowers in advance to anticipate this particular side-quest.

Den of Thieves

Finish the Umugi Cove section of Act 2. This might imply the need for a bit of exploring.

Honor the Unseen

The game has many altars which Jin Sakai can pray to anytime. However, several of them are hidden from plain sight. Thus, explore the game’s vast map, come across the 10 hidden altars, and bow to them to unlock this trophy.

Lost and Found

Locate one of the many Pillar of Honor sites in the game.

Have a Nice Fall

Knock an enemy off a cliff.

Witness Protection

Terrify an enemy and shoot an arrow to it as it flees.

Cooper Clan Cosplayer

Have the Sly Cooper costume by wearing Gosaku’s Armor (Ocean Guardian dye), Crooked Kama Headband, and Sly Tanuki Sword Kit. Thus far, this is the toughest trophy to unlock in the game. Not only does it require the player to play a certain extent of the main storyline, but it also demands going to multiple places, too.

Fortunately, that is only where the gravity of the difficulty of this trophy comes from. Something that many can mitigate by reading our guide on how to claim each part of the set.

Dirge of the Fallen

Reach the fate of the Tsushima tale in Act 2. During this arc, find Singing Crickets to unlock the Lament of the Storm song for your flute. Complete the “A Reckoning in Blood” tale, visit Taka’ grave at the east of Yarikawa, and play the song.

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