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How to get the Ghost Armor in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’


Ghost of Tsushima is a game that offers diversity in the way it is played. While much of the protagonist’s encounter is face-to-face combat against the invading Mongols, the game also allows for stealth, too. Essentially making a Ninja out of a Samurai who has to resort to underhanded tactics to meet certain objectives, including silent kills.

But if there is an attire that makes the stealthy style of play more feasible in the game, it has got to be the Ghost Armor. That same getup that Ghost of Tsushima’s marketing of its protagonist is known for.

Not Unlocked by Default

To the unaware, the Ghost Armor is not the game’s protagonist’s default attire when you start the game. If anything, Jin Sakai’s initial equipment is plain but makes for an exciting premise for donning good-looking and overall better equipment.

When worn, the Ghost Armor shines when trying to play in a secretive manner due to its cumulative effects. The armor causes Jin Sakai harder to detect, requires fewer kills to trigger the Ghost Stance, and is likely to terrify enemies.


Getting the armor is fairly easy and is hard to miss. However, it would take about halfway into the game’s storyline for players to come across it. Now, we will not go into spoiler territory and reveal the events that takes place prior to getting the gear.

However, if there is anything certain about it, it’s that it’s hard to miss, if at all. Players need only reach Act 2 and go through the “From the Darkness” story arc. Finish the quest and then claim the reward.


Like many of the game’s upgradeable equipment, the Ghost Armor is one that is due for an upgrade. For the most part, upgrading the armor comes with the benefit of enhancing the equipment’s effects.

It also comes with the advantage of becoming significantly better looking from older versions, too. This makes an obvious difference from one level to the next due to the addition of certain elements that are overtly lacking from the previous.

The idea of claiming the rather iconic armor set naturally as part of story progression may seem like a disappointment. That’s considerable as the armor set is better off a secret. But while the Ghost Armor may not fit the category, Sucker Punch Productions did leave certain equipment of that nature.

Image used courtesy of GosuNoob/YouTube Screenshot

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