How to get the lily of the valley flower in ‘Animal Crossing’

The actual Lily of the Valley plant

Casual gamers may only play Animal Crossing: New Horizons to chill. But real Animal Crossing fans know that there is more to this simulation game than just wasting time and feeling good about it. That something else could be a rare chance of coming across a legendary plant called Lily of the Valley.

Veterans of the series would recall this plant for another name, that is, Jacobs Ladder. However, making this plant sprout is no easy feat. The difficulty primarily boiling down to the player needing to have an island rating of 5, which entails much work and time in the game.

It’s What You Place That Counts

While time is a factor, for the most part, it is about customizing the island with the right things. Knowing what to place around the island, therefore, is key in attaining that 5-star rating. Failing to heed this stern requirement, you might find yourself among others who spent hundreds of hours and still not achieve it.

You may already be confident in having spent the right effort in building your atoll. However, no one else is a better judge of your island’s rating than the NPC, Isabelle. Until she claims your landmass is worth the 5-star rating, you know that it is not, regardless of how fancy the isle looks.

Having attained a 5-star rating, you are already on your way to coming across the Lily of the Valley. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see the plant grow in a span of a day or few days. Other times, you may have to wait for weeks to see it sprout.

Rare, But Noticeable

The Lily of the Valley is a flower that is easy to distinguish, fortunately. For one that only comes as a single variant, the flower never deviates from its typical three bell-shaped bulbs and white coloration.

Making the plant rare, however, is its once-at-a-time appearance at any part of the island. There is literally no two of the same plant growing on the island at any given time.

Despite its rare occurrence, the Lily of the Valley only sells for 222 bells per piece. Not a price that anyone would consider profitable in-game.

However, to compensate for its lack of value as a sellable item, the plant is treated as a trophy. One that comes with the prestige of knowing that it takes someone who truly knows the game to come across the plant.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/SpookyFairy

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