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How to get the most elusive ‘Animal Crossing’ villager Raymond


Raymond is an odd-eyed, grey-furred cat loved by most Animal Crossing fans. However, finding it in the game might be easier said than done.

Animal Crossing is one of the most famous games for Nintendo Switch thanks to the ongoing quarantine measures. Of course, it’s just severely addictive as well.

While the game is uniting over 10 million people worldwide, there’s also a really disturbing practice of trading bells for animals. One of the most famous villagers in the Animal Crossing and now, on social media everyone desperately wants is Raymond.

He is the only smug cat available in the whole Animal Crossing series. The attention he gets is because of his ability to easily get along with other villagers in the game.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get the lovable cat:

Find him on Mystery Island

One way to look for Raymond in Animal Crossing is by visiting as many Mystery Islands as possible. However, before doing this, players must ensure that there is a vacant plot on their island.

This will guarantee that random villagers will show up on the Mystery Islands. Players can access the Mystery Islands via the Dodo Airlines. Upon landing, immediately search for villagers on the island. If it’s not Raymond, go back home and try again.

The hard part is that there is no way to boost the chances of encountering the cat himself. In addition, flying to a Mystery Island would require tickets that can only be purchased using Nook Miles.

Get him from a friend

This method is a lot easier than the first one. The only problem is finding a friend who is willing to give the cat up.

The donator should start by ignoring Raymond and make him feel unwanted. Once the cat is upset, players can jump in on the island, have a nice talk and convince it to move to another island.

Get him via campsite

Once the campsite is available, there will be a small chance that Raymond will appear inside as a visitor. However, there is also no way to increase the odds of getting a specific villager inside the campsite.

Just be sure to visit the campsite whenever Isabelle broadcasts that a stranger has arrived on the island.

Trade for Raymond

The final method to get Raymond is to find a stranger and then agree on a trade. With Animal Crossings’ immense popularity, it is now easy to find people willing to trade Raymond inside forums and social media groups.

Talk to the stranger and agree on a trade that usually involves paying Bells, Nook Miles, tickets, cataloging items, and even real money. However, put extra care in doing these Animal Crossing transactions since there is always a possibility of getting scammed.

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