How to grind for ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games Loot boxes

Overwatch Summer Games 2020 has been live for a week now, and we’re sure that players are busy trying to collect all the cosmetics. Just how can players significantly increase the number of loot boxes they have?

The Overwatch Summer Games has a few amazing cosmetics that we’re sure players want to collect. Of course, it’s not that easy hauling loot boxes in the game, especially for players who are already in the upper levels. Here are a few tips to keep those loot boxes coming.

Group up!

Overwatch will give players a 20% bonus to XP if players are grouped up in matches. If players have a friend to play with, it’s a must for them to team up for those extra goodies. To get a huge boost in XP, players should play a Competetive match on their first game, and they should make sure that it is a victory.

If achieved, players will receive XP bonuses for their first victory and grouping up.

Take it to the arcades

Arcade loot boxes are great if players are looking for some extra means to get some cosmetics. Basically, players will be rewarded for every three victories in the arcade, and this can be done three times per week. Once the week is done, the arcade counter resets.

There are many ways to enjoy the arcade. In Overwatch Summer Games this year, Blizzard has introduced a new version of Lucio Ball. If players have yet to win this new game mode, they will be rewarded a loot box on their first victory. Each arcade mode that they’ve yet to beat at least once will reward them with an extra loot box.

The wins in the arcade will also count for the counter needed to be filled for the weekly challenges.

Play nice

Every once in awhile, Blizzard will reward players with high endorsements. For instance, players with an endorsement level of three will receive two loot boxes. As such, it is important for players to play as nicely as possible. Doing so will increase their chances of getting endorsed by other players in the game.

Overwatch Summer Games ends in about two weeks still, so players still have a lot of time. There are some amazing skins this season that players shouldn’t miss out on. If they do, they’ll have to wait another year for it.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch/YouTube

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