How to Install iOS 14 Public Beta

But let us warn you, installing this iOS 14 Public Beta might be unstable and risky for your iPhone. But if you dearly want it, we will not stop you.

We all know what it will look like when iOS 14 is released. Thanks to various tipsters and leakers, why seek these leaks and tips if you can experience them first hand?

We all know Apple has this Software Beta Program wherein members can try first hand what their prototype software will look like in the eyes of testers, and this will provide feedback on the latter. But why not give it a try now, right? on their website provides a step-by-step process on how to install the iOS 14 Public Beta and what are the features of iOS 14. Just make sure you are confident about installing the iOS 14 Public Beta on your phone by considering these steps:

Phone Compatibility

First things first. Check if your phone is ready or eligible for this update by checking the list of compatible models below:

iPhone 11                      iPhone X                    iPhone 8
iPhone 11 Pro                iPhone XR                  iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 11 Pro Max         iPhone XS Max

iPhone 7                        iPhone 6                    iPhone SE (1st Gen)
iPhone 7 Plus                 iPhone 6S Plus           iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

iPod Touch (7th Gen)

How to Install iOS 14 Beta?

How to Install iOS 14 Public Beta

In installing the iOS 14 Beta, some of the data on your device might need to be stored on your iCloud as a backup. Since this is a public beta, you may experience instability, and this might be risky. Make sure you have backed-up all the data from your phone before proceeding to the process.

  1. Go to Apple’s Safari.
  2. Key in and log-in to Apple Developer. Note that you should have already signed up for Apple Developer. If not, and if this is your first time, go first to Apple Developer and sign-up.
  3. Once you log in, head to the Downloads section.
  4. Look for iOS14 beta and just click on the ‘Install Profile.’
  5. Click General then click on Profile.
  6. Tap iOS 14 Beta Profile then tap Install to commence the installation process.
  7. At this point, you have to restart your phone by holding on to the volume button (either of the buttons) together with the power button.
  8. Once done on restarting the phone, head to the device’s Settings.
  9. Click General then click Software Update.
  10. Just wait for the update to be finished and Voila! You have iOS 14 Public Beta on your phone.

With a few months away from its launch, if you can’t wait to get your hands on this update, why not give it a try here!

Images used courtesy of iReviews/YouTube Screenshot

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