How to make Van appear in ‘SoS: Friends of Mineral Town’

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town intro snapshot

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is seeing the traveling merchant, Van, once again. While popular for the sole source of the Record Player and records, this rather elusive NPC is also known for other stuff. He also sells minerals and pets.

To make Van appear as part of town, a certain condition must be met—the player must provide gift to the Goddess 30 times in a span of 30 days. This means never missing a chance of giving it gifts daily in the next 30 in-game calendar days.

Fortunately, the Goddess herself is not necessarily picky when it comes to presents. A simple flower, which can be found all over the town, is sufficient enough to please her. Players would just have to be consistent about it.

Van Has Come to Town

With that condition met, Van will then start appearing in the town beginning on the next Sunny Wednesday. Like most event-triggered NPCs, your encounter with Van would be that at your place as you exit the house.

Van appears in the town at different places, depending on the weekly or fortnightly schedule. On his weekly presence, he can be found at the second floor of the Inn every Wednesday between 8 PM to 9 PM.

It is during that time when the NPC sells minerals, the rare Record Player, and some records. The Record Player itself costs 2000G while records have a starting price of 500G. The latter of which can only be bought once per week.

Pet Shop

Every fortnight, Van then appears at the Rose Plaza as early as 12 PM until 6 PM. This time, he sells animals for pet. But this is mainly under the condition that the weather is fair, not raining or snowing, and it’s a normal day. Otherwise, he would be found in the Inn selling his other wares.

For completionists who are excited in seeing Van for the pets he sells, it’s important to know that buying animals, too, has its requirements. One primary prerequisite is that the player must have at least a friendship level of eight across all his pets.

With that hurdle surmounted, the next challenge in buying all pets, including their variants, is finding their availability according to season. They include cats (spring), penguins (summers), dogs (fall), and capybaras (winter).

Considering that Van only sells a specific kind of pet according to season and that each type has unique versions, completing all ten is a different challenge in itself.

Image used courtesy of MilkyT/YouTube Screenshot

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