How to open Stark Industries vault in ‘Fortnite’


The advent of the Nexus Wars has brought with it the introduction of MCU’s quirky heroes and supervillains, especially Iron Man whose very entry in Fortnite has also tagged along the Stark Industries empire. But more than just a building that is taking space on the Frenzy Farm, the Stark Industries, too, is a construct with a hidden surprise for players—it concerns a vault that contains many valuables.

But getting inside the vault for its reaches is not as simple as choosing to break down the walls that houses it. Not this particular section of the construct, at least. Instead, you would want to find a keycard that will pave way to those treasures with a simple swipe of the plastic.

Getting the Keycard

However, getting access to the keycard is an altogether different challenge. It is not as simple as finding it somewhere in Fortnite’s map. Rather, it is who to get it from.

If you are in touch with your Marvel Comics lore, then you probably know that Stark Industries directly relates to Tony Stark. Yes, that billionaire playboy who, when in full armor, is actually Iron Man. If not, then now you know.

And, no, you do not just simply ask for it and expect Iron Man to give it to you without protest. You are, after all, speaking of treasures heavily guarded within the halls of the Stark Industries itself. If you truly want it, then you might have to do so over Iron Man’s dead body—sort of.

Literally, the requirement to getting the said keycard is indeed to defeat Iron Man in Stark Industries.

A Serious Challenge

However, do not let Iron Man’s lonesome fool you into thinking that this will be an easy fight. This Marvel superhero is both strong and tough and could easily wipe you out if you come unprepared. And, oh, he will not be fighting the battle alone as he’s capable of summoning bots to aid to the battle. But, unlike Iron Man himself, these bots are not as deadly.

Even at your most prepared, however, it would be unwise to be cocky while dealing with Iron Man. The key is maintaining mobility during combat in order to elude his heavy-hitting attacks while also going on the offensive.

Beating Iron Man, expect yourself to get loots that involve Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlet and the wanted keycard. With the latter in hand, navigate your way to the vault within Stark Industries and use it to swipe on the terminal in order to open its massive door.

Voila! Enjoy your loots.

Image used courtesy of Everyday FortNite/YouTube Screenshot

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