How to play Echo like a pro in ‘Overwatch’

ow to play Echo like a pro in 'Overwatchow to play Echo like a pro in 'Overwatch

After the long wait, the 32nd and final hero for Overwatch is now finally available. That hero is none other than the Damage hero, Echo.

Players can now try out Echo in both Quick Play and Competitive Play in OverwatchEcho is arguably one of the most complex heroes to play in the game. Mastering her could be the key to turning the tide during those intense overtime moments.

We’re going to share a few tips and tricks up our sleeve on how Echo can be put to good use in Overwatch.

Sticky Bombs are just for damaging

Echo’s secondary fire is Sticky Bombs. When used, Echo fires several high damage bombs that stick to not only enemies but also surfaces. It looks as if these bombs are primarily used for damaging the enemy, but they can do more than that.

One way to use this skill is by firing it at where enemies are grouped at. It’s good at displacing enemies as they are sure to avoid the area once they see the Sticky Bombs appear.

Pick ultimate uses wisely

Echo’s Duplicate ability is one of the most game-changing abilities in the game. When used, Echo will become the exact replica of an enemy hero. When playing as a replica of a hero, Echo will be able to use that hero’s skills, including their ultimate. What’s even better is that she can recharge the ultimate meter faster when copying a hero, so it’s possible to fire more than one bombs to the enemy team.

That being said, players should time their ultimate uses wisely. In tight situations, it could be wise to use Duplicate on Zarya for her Graviton Surge. In some situations, however, it would be better to Duplicate Lucio for some wide-range healing.

It’s also worth noting that when Echo dies while copying a hero, she’ll respawn back as herself in full health.

Flight is an amazing ability

Echo’s Flight ability allows her to fly in any direction freely. It is arguably one of the best mobility skills in the game. It can be used for various utilities such as saving a teammate or escaping from a tough situation.

However, we find that the best way to use it is for flanking the enemy from behind, using Duplicate on one of their heroes, and then unleashing that heroes ultimate on the enemy team.

Focusing Beam can destroy tanks

Echo’s Focusing Beam is not that powerful at first, but when aimed at heroes who are at 50% health or below, it can take them out quickly. That being said, Focusing Beam is great as whittling the life of sturdy tanks like Orisa and Winston in an instant.

These are just some of the tips we have for Echo. As she’s still relatively new, players can expect to see more ways to play in the future.


Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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