How to remove ads from Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi is one of the most budget-friendly brands one can get in the smartphone market. But what makes the experience of owning one unimpressive are the ads embedded in the software.

Read ahead to find a permanent way to remove ads, bloatware, and anything you hate in your Xiaomi phone!

Block Xiaomi push notifications

Push Notifications have long been criticized not just because they are irritating, but they also push inappropriate content in the notifications, which might is troublesome to some.

To fix this, whenever you receive such a notification, don’t dismiss it right away. Long hold the notification and disable the toggle. Once disabled, tap “done” and repeat the process for every notification until you’re left with none.

Alternatively, you could go to the “Notifications” menu in the “Settings” and switch off notifications from any suspicious applications in one-go.

Disable ads in system apps and settings

There are ads embedded within system apps like File Manager and Settings, and to manage ads within such apps, go to “Passwords & Security” within the “Settings” app and open “Authorization and Revocation.”

There, you will find a toggle for “MSA,” which stands for “MIUI System Ads.” Disable the toggle; however, it takes multiple tries to make the command done.

The next step would be to go to individual settings of any apps that annoy you with ads and then switch off “Personalized Services” in the “Privacy and Security” of each app.

Similarly, turn off “Online Recommendations” and “Push Notifications” for each app that annoys you, then turn-off the “Wallpaper Carousel” in the “Lock Screen” settings.

Uninstall bloatware

There are briefly three types of bloatware (apps that you don’t need) in MIUI.

First is the one that can be deleted, second is the one that cannot be deleted but can be disabled, and the third is the one that cannot be disabled at all.

Beebom has listed all the necessary ways to get rid of all of these.

The first step is to set up ADB on your PC and Smartphone.

Next is to download the Xiaomi Debloater from this link, a small utility app that will help you uninstall background apps quickly. Now, connect your Xiaomi device to your PC using a cabled wire, and the Debloater should automatically detect your device.

After this, choose any app and click “Uninstall.” But be extra cautious because some apps are essential for the phone’s functioning. If you are unsure about any app, consider the list given by XDA Forums.

All the steps mentioned above work only on MIUI 11, and most of the users would not even require the third step. However, if you want full control over your phone, use the third step and get the best MIUI experience ever!

Image courtesy of Jan Maly/Shutterstock

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