How to spawn super rare den in ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’

Monster Hunter Stories 2 super rare den video

Monster Hunter Stories 2 features a haphazard super rare den that inhabit some special monsties in-game.

Playing through Monster Hunter Stories 2, players will gain access to features they didn’t have access to initially. One of such post-game unlocks is the random appearance of super rare dens. Which, true to label, is the type of den that has very low spawn rate.

With the chance of appearance so low, it would take a lucky person to come across one out of the blue. But with this rarity also comes the benefit of coming across some of the rarest monsties in the game. Deviants and Elder Dragons being said monsties.

To the unaware, a super rare den can be easily mistaken for the subquest den due to their similarity in color tone. However, super dens have the somewhat ostensive appearance of diamonds and has a rainbow-like luster to them.

Active Search

Coming across a super rare den is not any different than seeing any other den types on the field. But players who ride on a monstie with the Nest Search skill can employ such ability to make lingering dens appear on the mini-map. Doing the latter ensures that the player is not missing out on a den during mid-excursion.

Although the occurrence of a super rare den can happen simply by random chance, it doesn’t mean it cannot be induced. Like in the original Monster Hunter Stories, there’s actually a way to increase the likelihood that an uncommon den could appear. But it is worth noting that the means about it is quite dissimilar in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Instead of praying to the Prayer Pot, it requires going through multiplayer Expedition Co-op quests, while using Expedition Tickets (SR).

Those “super rare” Expedition Tickets can just be found in some random chests, commonly in high-rank dens. But this probability, too, is not always certain as it can also be random. Yet, this does not mean that players are only always subject to chance, without control.

Unlimited Resource

Fortunately, there is a definite way that players can find an Expedition Ticket (SR), especially for the purpose of spawning super rare dens. All it takes are 100 pieces of bottle caps, which players will use to buy one at Melynx, Inc. Luckily, as well, bottle caps are an infinite resource in the game and come rather abundantly post-game.

While increased chances do not necessarily guarantee a spawn, going through this route is still the best way about it. Possibly, also, the easiest way for players to come across eggs of legendary monsties to add to their roster.

Image used courtesy of Arekkz Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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