How to summon and kill every boss in ‘Terraria’ campaign mode

The bosses in Terraria are fierce and powerful. It will require a lot of firepower, skill, and patience to take one down.

The bosses in Terraria can usually be encountered by interacting with the surroundings. However, most bosses can be summoned by using specific items.

Defeating a boss in Terraria has awesome benefits. They drop items, equipment, upgrades, and other materials. It will also allow players to level up and progress with the game.

Terraria Boss

King Slime

This blue blob of a boss can be summoned through a Slime Crown. Another way to summon it is to defeat 150 slimes under a slime rain. However, slime rains are rare random occurrences in the game.

The King Slime is easy to kill and a great way to practice skills as a beginner.

Eye of Cthulhu

Players need to meet these three requirements to summon this boss:

  • 200+ HP
  • 10+ defense
  • 3 NPC living in Terraria

Once a player meets these requirements there is a small chance of summoning this boss at the start of each night.

It can also be summoned by utilizing the Suspicious Looking Eye item at night.

Brain of Cthulhu

This boss charges with massive amounts of Creepers. Creepers are small minions that must be killed before players can deal damage to the boss itself. Depending on the area, the Brain of Cthulhu can be a difficult battle.

The boss will appear after the third Crimson Heart is destroyed or after using a Bloody Spine. This boss can only be encountered in areas with the crimson biome.

Eater of Worlds

This boss can only be summoned in areas with corruption chasms. It will normally appears after the third Shadow Orb is defeated or when the item Worm Food is used.

It is significantly easier to defeat than the brain of Cthulhu. All players need is a good weapon and a good supply of potions to withstand its attacks

Queen Bee

To summon the Queen Bee, players will need to destroy larvae found in various beehives in the underground jungle.

The Queen Bee can also be summoned by using the Abeemination item in areas that have the jungle biome.


Summoning this boss is easy. All players need to do is to go to the easternmost part of the map and talk to an old man standing by the dungeon entrance.

After the conversation, the old man transforms into Skeletron. Defeating him allows entry into the dungeon where great weapons and items are stored.

Wall of Flesh

To start the fight with Terraria’s last boss in normal mode, players need to go down the Underworld and find the Voodoo Demon and kill it.

To summon the Wall of Flesh, players need to throw the Guide Voodoo Doll into the sea of lava. After a very challenging battle, players will open the Terraria’s Hard Mode.

Featured image courtesy of JT Games/Youtube Screenshot

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