How to take down a ‘Warzone’ Juggernaut and win ‘Call of Duty’s’ new mode


Call of Duty Season 4 introduces the time-limited Juggernaut Royale. However, taking down a Warzone Juggernaut will take a lot of skill and patience.

Players who have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Spec Ops mode are familiar with the concept of the Warzone Juggernaut. They might even find it memorable and intimidating because it is really difficult to take one down.

Warzone Juggernauts are equipped with a powerful minigun and tough armor from head to toe. This makes them a terrifying force when deployed in the streets of Verdansk.

Warzone Juggernaut Royale

The Warzone Juggernaut Royale is a new time-limited mode that is similar to Fortnite’s Thanos mode, minus the mega jumps and universe-altering gauntlet.

In the early game, players are grouped in three. The team must try to get a suit from airdropped package locations marked on the map.

Even if players get a suit and they become a monstrous Warzone Juggernaut, they shouldn’t charge alone without any backup. Players must take note that the suit can still be tracked via a marker on the map.

If a Warzone Juggernaut has been eliminated, a new package with the suit will be dropped on the map in a random location. Players who are lucky enough to get a suit will receive a powerful minigun and a huge boost in HP.

How to take down a Warzone Juggernaut

A Warzone Juggernaut is not invincible; they can be taken down anytime with the right weapons and strategy. However, it is always a bad idea to take them head-on alone.

Here are a few tips to help take down the powerful enemy:

Execute an attack at the right time

Players who want to get their hands on the suit should be patient. Try to make a plan on the current situation and make a move later in the match.

This is a particularly good strategy since a late-game means there will be fewer enemies on the battlefield. Thus, a greater chance of getting a Juggernaut to victory.

Stay away from Juggernauts in the early game and only take them on when the team has better equipment.

Kill the teammates first

Pros suggest taking down the Juggernaut’s teammates first since they don’t have boosted armor and are easier to kill. Once they’ve been eliminated, swam on the Juggernaut on all sides to take it down quickly.

More firepower

Warzone Juggernauts are equipped with all-around body armor. However, players have a lot of choices on how they can take down the armored beast.

Players can opt for a rocket launcher or a car to run the enemy over. If players can’t get these powerful tools, they can fire at a distance using an LMG or sniper.

Featured image courtesy of Vikkstar123/YouTube Screenshot

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