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How to unlock agents in ‘Valorant’ and who to get first


It is without a doubt that the main highlight of Valorant are the agents that serve as the life and blood of the shooter. There are 11 agents to play as so far, but not everyone is readily available for use.

Unlike Overwatch, the characters in Valorant aren’t readily available, and they have to be unlocked. While this may be a bummer to some, it at least gives players some time to master a certain hero before they are tempted to try out another one. Here’s how players can unlock agents and who they should get first.

Unlocking agents

The good thing is that unlocking agents in the game is relatively easy. Upon entering the game, players will see that there are two circles at the top of their screen. These are two tiers of leveling systems currently available in the game. The first one is for the Ignition Battle Pass, and the other is the basic leveling system that allows players to unlock new characters.

Upon reaching level five and 10, players will be given the prompt to unlock a hero for free. To level up, players simply need to play some matches and earn XP.

To unlock more agents, players should head to the agents sub-menu at the Collection Tag. Upon toggling Activate Contract under locked agents, players can once again resume unlocking more characters by earning XP. Alternatively, players can spend money to unlock agents instantly.

Who to get first

Since agents are not available immediately, players should be wise about who they unlock next. While each of the Valorant agents offers something unique, there are others that are simply a cut above the rest.

In terms of functionality, the top characters in the game are Sage and Cypher. We highly suggest Cypher, though. His ultimate ability lets him scout for the enemies upon using the corpse of one fallen foe. This makes flanking and ambushing a lot easier to do. Sage is also a top choice as she can revive fallen allies in battle.

In terms of crowd control, the top picks are Viper, Brimstone, and Omen. In the game, crowd controlling is important as it can help the attacking team defend the spike easier. At the same time, it allows the defending team to close in on objectives.

The agent roster in Valorant is expected to grow within the coming months. As early as now, players should grind to unlock everyone so that they have less to do in the future.

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