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How to unlock all secret retro stages in ‘Street of Rage 4’


Players have been spending a lot of time looking for Street of Rage 4 secret retro stages. These secret locations are hidden throughout the whole game.

One of the most satisfying parts of the game is finding a hidden Streets of Rage 4 Retro Stage. There are at least 4 confirmed secret locations in the game. These four locations are places taken from the most influential game in the series – Streets of Rage 2.

They are very hard to encounter. Most players didn’t even uncover a single secret stage during their first Story Mode campaign. The locations of the secret retro stages are as follows.

Police precinct – Jack retro stage

The first retro stage players can unlock is also the most difficult to unlock. Players will need to get a taser from those huge cops after escaping out of prison.

To access the secret stage, players will need to defeat the cops as fast as they can before backup enemies appear. Try and defeat all the enemies without picking up the taser left by the cops.

The taser gun disappears after it is used and without it, there is no way to access the secret retro stage. After defeating all the enemies, pick up the gun and use it in the cabinet to unlock the retro stage.

Old pier – Zamza retro stage

The next retro stage can be located at the Old Pier’s fourth level. Just before jumping to the second level, there will be an arcade with an open door which players can enter from the right side.

Just like the first one, make sure not to pick up the taser before defeating all the enemies. After the area is free from enemies, grab the gun and zap the cabinet to enter the secret stage.

Underground – Abadede retro stage

The third secret retro stage is located in the fifth stage of Streets of Rage 4. Even if this is the easiest to spot, players will need to play safe since enemies can destroy the machine during the fight.

After defeating all the enemies in the room, grab a taser gun and shoot the machine which unlocks the boss fight with Abadede.

Art Gallery – Mr. X retro stage

The fourth and last retro stage is the most jaw dropping area in the game where players will face an iconic figure from Streets of Rage 2. Just before the big boss of the stage, players can access an arcade machine inside a room will the golden chickens.

There is a taser shining in the dark just below the arcade machine which when used will prompt a fight with Streets of Rage 2’s big bad boss. These are the tips on how to access the game’s secret retro stages. However, these are not the only unlockables in the amazing new game.

Players can also unlock iconic characters they can use to finish Streets of Rage 4’s campaign mode.

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