How to unlock Arthur Curry skin for Aquaman in ‘Fortnite’

Fortnite's Arthur Curry Aquaman skin

Getting Aquaman’s alternative skin—or the Arthur Curry version—requires players to complete all previous five challenges to do. With the sixth challenge now technically available, this means that players are no longer just limited to a single look regarding the DC hero.

None of the challenges provided had been hard so far. The sixth and final challenge is not any different either. For a quest that requires players to dive at a certain place while donning a complete getup, the challenge is no doubt easy.

Specifically, the sixth challenge asks you to dive at the Gorgeous Gorge Waterfall while wearing a complete Aquaman costume. This means wearing the DC costume while also carrying the Aquaman’s Trident at the start of any match.

Where is the Gorgeous Gorge Waterfall at?

The Gorgeous Gorge Waterfall is a small section of the map that is southeast of The Authority island. Alternatively, it lies northwest of the Lazy Lake.

Getting to Gorgeous Gorge Waterfall is possible anywhere in the map, requiring some navigation. However, to get to the spot as fast as possible, nothing beats dropping off from the Battle Bus directly or near it.

Do note that other players may be in the same shoes as you when you head to the location. With that said, you can expect to see other players flocking the place, possibly doing some kills in the place. Reaching the specific spot is literally part of the challenge’s real plight.

How to dive from the waterfall?

Having survived the obstacle of finding your way to the waterfall, the challenge literally instructs you to jump from it. Which is a demand that comes with a purpose and dramatic effect, which you will see eventually.

Granted you’re wearing the full Aquaman costume, including the Trident, you will see your character diving from an elevation. From the original golden-colored Aquaman, you will then transition to the Arthur Curry edition, which is Aquaman without the fancy aesthetics.

While sans the golden hue, the Arthur Curry version of Aquaman is not necessarily shabby, either. Like the one in the Aquaman film, Arthur Curry here shows a well-chiseled bod with an amazing print on his skin.

With the skin unlocked, you have literally completed all of the Aquaman challenges, which adds the DC hero in your list of skins. All while having the option to switch between skins, depending on preference.

Image used courtesy of Tabor Hill/YouTube Screenshot

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