How to unlock Boss Rush Mode feature in ‘Streets of Rage 4’

A new feature is available for Streets of Rage 4. It included Boss Rush Mode for hardcore fans of the game.

The Streets of Rage 4 franchise is famous for its highly intense boss fights. Each boss differs from the other and will be more deadly than the previous one.

The Boss Rush Mode feature on Streets of Rage 4 is a little bit different from the campaign mode. Choosing to take this path lets players fight all the big bads in succession.

Players who don’t want a more difficult challenge might want to explore this mode. However, it needs to be unlocked in the first place for players to access it.

What is Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode let’s players challenge all the 11 bosses of the game in continuation. The challenge would need to be done in one run as players will not be allowed to save the game and return anytime or simply smash the buttons to victory.

Boss Rush Mode is an interrupted way of fighting which happens on the streets of Wood Oak City. Players can pick up power ups and health items after each boss fight which will give them leverage when they battle the next boss.

This Streets of Rage 4 mode is thrilling and a challenging way for fans to hone their brawling skills. Most critics consider this mode as the highlight of the game.

How to unlock Boss Rush Mode

Players will need to finish the main story arc of the game in order to unlock Boss Rush Mode. This can be a daunting task to do depending on the difficulty level a player will choose.

Protecting Wood Oak City from the evil Y Twins will not be easy. Players who have beaten every stage of the game will have the chance to take on a more difficult challenge in Boss Rush Mode. A nice tip for players who want to unlock the Boss Rush Mode is to choose if they want to take the main campaign easy or not during the first playthrough.

This allows players to enjoy the main story and finish it with lesser problems. Players who just want to unlock this post-game mode are free to lower the game’s difficulty. Whatever choice they make, Streets of Rage 4’s Boss Rush Mode is worth the hassle.

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