How to unlock every character in ‘Kirby Fighters 2’

Kirby Fighters 2 trailer snapshot

The Kirby series has finally landed a new installment when Nintendo released Kirby Fighters 2 a week ago, on Sept. 23, 2020. This was a surprise release that might have eluded some people’s attention. More so, probably, in knowing the fact that the game shares a gameplay style similar to Super Smash Bros.

Like the aforementioned action-brawler, Kirby Fighters 2 is a game about fighters duking it out in the name of competitive play. However, beginner players will find the game’s roster list to be a little too few, starting only at three classes overall. Specifically, the Sword, Staff, and Bomb types. In addition, there is only a single buddy available at the start in the form of Waddle Dee.

In total, there are 21 playable characters in-game and four buddies that players can choose from. This meant that for the beginners in the game, there’s at least the task of unlocking those additional 18 fighters and three buddies. Arguably, making these characters playable is an aspect that makes the game exciting to play.

Unlocking fighters and buddies through ranking, one at a time

Unlocking most of the fighters and buddies is relatively easy, for the most part. Players would only need to raise their rank through active play. This meant that for every certain level, a class or a buddy becomes playable if reached.

Here is a list of unlockable fighters and buddies and their corresponding rank requirement:


  • 2 – Wrestler Kirby
  • 3 – Gooey (Buddy)
  • 6 – Yo-Yo Kirby
  • 10 – Beam Kirby
  • 11 – Beetle Kirby
  • 13 – Hammer Kirby
  • 16 – Fighter Kirby
  • 21 – Artist Kirby
  • 24 – Cutter Kirby
  • 27 – Whip Kirby
  • 28 – Archer Kirby
  • 30 – Water Kirby
  • 31 – Parasol Kirby
  • 33 – Ninja Kirby
  • 37 – Bell Kirby
  • 45 – Megalor (Buddy)

The idea of unlocking much of the game’s hidden elements is easy enough if players consistently or with enough motivation. But this level of commitment requires a trade-off with time.

Another fighter, another buddy

At rank 45, you have already unlocked much of the fighters and buddies in-game. But, simultaneously, you would find the roster lacking another fighter and another buddy. These are Meta Knight and King Dedede.

Luckily, making Meta Knight a playable character is easy enough if you have the patience to go through the game’s story mode. You literally only have to get past the campaign’s chapter 5 part.

King Dedede, on the other hand, poses more challenges to unlock. It requires you to complete all 50 hidden stages throughout the game after finishing the main campaign the first time.

With all the those done, then you can congratulate yourself by having unlocked all of Kirby Fighters 2’s hidden fighter classes and buddies.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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