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How to unlock every character in ‘Streets of Rage 4’


Hidden away in Streets of Rage 4 are secret characters guaranteed to bring back nostalgic moments to fans of the game.

Streets of Rage 4 feature returning classic heroes from the first three original games to fight alongside brand new heroes. In a breathtaking nod to the previous releases of the Streets of Rage series, retro characters been included in the game which can be used across any game mode.

In order to unlock these secret characters, players need to fill up their lifetime points meter.

Gaining lifetime points

There are 13 unlockable heroes in Streets of Rage 4. Some are just duplicates of characters but seeing them in various sprites from the past Streets of Rage series is satisfying.

In order to unlock each one of them, players will need to gather lifetime points by playing through various game modes. This meter continuously goes up as players defeat the bad guys.

In addition, combo attacks and defeating enemies consistently will increase the points multiplier allowing players to earn more lifetime points. Players can also earn lifetime points by finishing stages with newly acquired characters, finishing higher game difficulties and getting a high rank upon finishing a stage.

The rank a player can get after beating a stage depends on the HP left of the character, how fast the stage is completed and the stars left at the end of the stage.

List of unlockable characters

Reaching particular lifetime points will unlock a new character which a player can choose from on the hero selection screen.

There is only one character which can’t be unlocked by gaining lifetime points, but the other 12 can be unlocked this way.

With all these in mind, check the list below to see how much lifetime points are needed to make a secret character playable:

  • Adam Hunter – Finish chapter four in campaign mode
  • Axel Stone of Streets of Rage 1 – Gather 200,000 lifetime points
  • Adam Hunter of Streets of Rage 1 – Rack up 250,000 lifetime points
  • Blaze Fielding of Streets of Rage 1 – Acquire 310,000 lifetime points
  • Max Thunder of Streets of Rage 2 – Amass 390,000 lifetime points
  • Axel Stone of Streets of Rage 2 – Achieve 480,000 lifetime points
  • Blaze Fielding Streets of Rage 2 – Secure 570,000 lifetime points
  • Skate Hunter Streets of Rage 2 – Reach 650,000 lifetime points
  • Axel Stone of Streets of Rage 3 – Gather 730,000 lifetime points
  • Blaze Fielding of Streets of Rage 3 – Acquire 840,000 lifetime points
  • Skate Hunter of Streets of Rage 3 – Get 940,000 lifetime points
  • Dr Gilbert Zan of Streets of Rage 3 – Rack up 1,050,000 lifetime points
  • Shiva of Streets of Rage 3 – Reach 1,150,000 lifetime points

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