How to unlock secret 11th bunker in ‘Call of Duty Warzone’

The recent update for Call of Duty Warzone now allows players to access secret bunkers. A rare weapon blueprint is hidden inside the 11th bunker.

A few days ago, Infinity Ward released a new update for Call of Duty Warzone. Aside from changes to Gulag and a few fixed bugs, the updates finally allowed players to open secret bunkers.

There is a secret 11th bunker hidden in the map aside from the 10 known bunkers. The 11th bunker contains tons of items, a rare Mud Dauber MP7 blueprint and nuclear warheads which many assume as another clue to a future event.

Pro players suggest opening the bunkers in Plunder mode. This is because the quest requires traversing the whole map and re-spawning will make it easier to unlock the secret bunker.

Finding the right phone

The first step in locating the 11th secret bunker is to find a specific ringing phone. However, there are seven various phone locations on the map.

The activation phone a player needs to find changes in each match. This means that players will need to go to a few of these phone locations if they want to enter the 11th bunker.

Players will know that they have answered the correct phone if they hear a person speaking in Russian followed by a mysterious tone.

After hearing the tone, someone will be counting in Russian. These numbers vary each game and players will need to translate the given code.

To make the translation easier, below is the number table by Reddit user StrangerRobijn:

I made a Warzone EE bunker guide with all of the current phone locations etc, I hope it helps you! from CODWarzone

After translating, players should have a three-numbered code.

Find the office phones

Based on the code, players will need to interact with the office phones in the correct order. Use the photo above to find the corresponding phone.

Upon interacting with the phones in the correct order, it will create several beeps in Morse code. Go to every location and find a ringing phone.

Once all the phones have been answered, players can now go to the 11th secret bunker.

Enter the secret bunker

Players will need to go north and regroup with their team at the location of the secret bunker.

Enter the correct code and the light above the door will turn green which indicates that the door can now be opened.

Inside, players can find tons of loot and a rare MP7 blueprint. Only one player can pick up the blueprint which will unlock it for the whole team.

Lying inside the secret bunker is a nuclear warhead that has left players confused. It is still uncertain what this item does or if it is a part of a bigger future event.

Featured image courtesy of ProReborn/Youtube Screenshot

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