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How to unlock silver, gold, and holo Marvel skin variants in ‘Fortnite’


The advent of chapter 2 season 4 for Fortnite has brought forth a stream of Marvel superheroes that add substantial variety to the game’s existing skins. While donning said costumes may have their novelty, they are oftentimes short-lived. An issue that is further compounded by the fact that their easy accessibility makes them easily commonplace.

However, buying the latest season pass and doing challenges is only half the fun of these new skins. The other part involves seeing the aforementioned costumes in their more uncommon coloration. They come in three tiers—silver, gold, and holo.

Level-Dependent Process

Fortunately, to do so would not involve random number generation, luck, or repeated attempts. But they would require significant effort to do and maybe more or less difficult, depending on your starting point. Particularly, you would need to level your character to specific milestones to experience each original skin in their new shining glory.

Do note that each costume has diverse milestone requirements to see them in three unique color schemes. Why some Marvel costumes require lower or higher levels is a different discussion altogether. Frankly, there may not even be a reason for it. That is, aside from the developer’s decision to encourage more meaningful playtime with the game until next season.

Nevertheless, here are the milestone requirements for each costume, corresponding to the color variant:

Silver Skin Variant

  • Thor: Level 105
  • Jennifer Walters: Level 110
  • Groot: Level 115
  • Storm: Level 120
  • Doom: Level 125
  • Mystique: Level 130
  • Tony Stark: Level 135
  • Wolverine: Level 140

Gold Skin Variant

  • Thor: Level 145
  • Jennifer Walters: Level 150
  • Groot: Level 155
  • Storm: Level 160
  • Doom: Level 165
  • Mystique: Level 170
  • Tony Stark: Level 175
  • Wolverine: Level 180

Holo Skin Variant

  • Thor: Level 185
  • Jennifer Walters: Level 190
  • Groot: Level 195
  • Storm: Level 200
  • Doom: Level 205
  • Mystique: Level 210
  • Tony Stark: Level 215
  • Wolverine: Level 220

Based on the breakdown, it appears that the entirety of season 4 enforces the idea of leveling up for players. For completionists, this would mean grinding until reaching the level 220 mark, which gives all color variations for each new costume. Luckily, though, season 4 is good for the next two months still, given the new season’s validity until November 30, 2020.

If you find the grind with the daily challenge and punch cards not enough to hit your target level, you can always opt to gain levels with your battle pass.

Image used courtesy of KillerKingKevin/YouTube Screenshot

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