How will astronaut vote in US Presidential Elections 2020 from Space?

The United States Presidential Elections are now on the verge. While people on Earth can cast their votes through the ballot system in the US, there is still one question that remains.

The question is, “How will a citizen of the US in the International Space Station use their right to vote in the crucial 2020 United states elections between the candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden?”

On November 20, 2020, an astronaut from NASA who will depart very soon from the Earth and head to the International Space Station expressed his desire to cast a vote in the most critical election of the US. He will be staying at the International Space Station for the next six months. And plans on releasing his vote from there.

Voting from the Space

The authorities will fulfill the astronaut’s wish to vote. He will be sending votes by mail for the US Presidential Election 2020 on November 3.

According to NASA, Harris County Clerk’s office uploads a secure electronic ballot to Johnson Space Center, astronauts cast their votes using specific credentials through this safe link.

Previous experiences of casting a vote in Space

While this might come off as a surprise to many, however, this will not be the first time astronauts will be casting a vote from the International Space Station. In a similar drill, in 2016, NASA Astronaut Shane Kimbrough exercised his right to vote. He launched his voice from the International Space Station, which was 259 miles away from earth.

The first American to cast his vote from the outer space was astronaut David Wolf.

The US Presidential Elections

The US Presidential Elections 2020 is dated to be held on November 3, 2020. Joe Biden will be representing as a Democratic Party Candidate with Kamala Harris as the nomination for the Vice-President candidate.

The candidacy of Kamala Harris became one of the highlights in the coming elections. She became the first black American woman to be ever nominated for the post of vice- presidentship. On the other hand, Donald J Trump is representing the republican party in his candidature. If he wins the elections, it will be the second time in a row as a president of the United States.

How does voting work?

As per a report, the choice will be between candidates from the Democratic Party and The Republican Party. All 50 states have a set of electors in the electoral college. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors, and an absolute majority of at least 270 electoral votes is required to win the election.

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