HTC comes back with 5G Snapdragon-powered flagship phone

HTC comes back with 5G Snapdragon-powered flagship phone on July

HTC will launch its first-ever 5G phone in the next few months. The launch makes the brand the last one to enter the 5G arena.

Reports confirmed that after a long time of being silent on the phone industry, HTC will come back with a 5G launch in July. The company stopped producing smartphones for some time due to a long period of low profit.

However, news across China assured that HTC is indeed ready to come back. This time the phone maker brings its own contribution to the 5G industry. The report also confirms a hint released back in February. The hint came from sources familiar with the HTC plans saying that a 5G smartphone will roll out in 2020.

HTC confirms 5G phone on July

Chen Boyu, HTC Taiwan’s’ general manager ended all speculations with a statement of confirmation. The general manager said that as soon as the 5G service is launched in Taiwan, HTC will introduce its 5G product as well.

High-speed services will officially launch in Taiwan in July. This means that in a few weeks’ time, 5G services will roll out in the said country and that would include the HTC 5G smartphone.

Boyu did not give any further details on HTC’s upcoming 5G smartphone. Yet speculations again surfaced that the upcoming phone will be powered by Snapdragon chips.

However, arguments started if the HTC phone will be powered by Snapdragon 865, 660 or 665 processor. If it will come with an 865 chip, then the upcoming phone will be a flagship one.

Following the track of the processors, if the soon to launch phone will be powered by Snapdragon 660 or 665 then it will be a mid-range phone. Details on the phone’s hardware also remain a question for the public until the company released further updates.

Reports also suggest that if the HTC 5G smartphones will launch along with Taiwan’s country-wide 5G launch, chances are the launch will prioritize the home market. This means that it may take some time for the HTC 5G smartphone to step into the international arena.

HTC 4G phone to launch by June

The HTC 5G phone launch is not the only thing that the company has for the public. Last month, a leak surfaced the internet about the company’s plan to release a 4-G phone by June.

The report referred to the HTC Desire 20 Pro with a 6GB RAMS. It is a mid-range phone powered by Snapdragon 660 or 665 chips and will feature four rear cameras.

Image courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

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