Huawei 5G technology promotion takes over on UK media

Huawei 5G technology promotion takes over on UK media

To convince the U.K. into implementing 5G, Huawei goes into a blitz as they show ads in most of the British media outlets. Cybersecurity is still a big issue for the U.K. regarding Huawei technology.

With this Chinese giant tech company doing its best to stay in the ongoing U.S.-China tech war, they are pushing their marketing once again to save their reputation.

The full-page ad appeared in the majority of Britain’s national newspapers—The Guardian, Times, and Daily Telegraph, to name a few.

Is the “Dear Britain” ad enough to sway the U.K.?

As per CNBC, they managed to obtain the full-page ad as it starts with “Dear Britain” followed by an open letter to its consumers and these statements below:

“For nearly 20 years, we’ve supplied the U.K.’s mobile and broadband companies with 3G and 4G. But some now question our role in helping Britain lead the way in 5G.”

However, last January, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also stressed that he would not put the country’s security at risk in upgrading its 5G network.

There are also reports that the U.K. Prime Minister wants to reduce Huawei’s footprints in Britain’s 5G network as he instructed his officials to lay out plans to ensure China’s non-involvement by 2023.

It isn’t the first time Huawei pulled off this kind of media stunt as 5G has been an issue to the U.S. since last year, according to a report from CNBC.

Cybersecurity flaws in Huawei are still an issue for the U.K.

The timing of Huawei’s media barrage could be a double-edged sword since they are trying to ally with the U.K. in its dominance for 5G as they still have ongoing tensions with the U.S.

In a recent report from The Guardian, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the U.K. is expected to ban Huawei as well due to the U.S. recently blacklisting them along with other Chinese firms based on national security.

The emergency review announced by the NCSC over the weekend would amount to a swift reversal of the policy stated by the ministers in January to restrict Huawei to 35% of the British 5G network supply.

Furthermore, it also risks disturbing China and adding large costs to British Telecom (BT) and other phone companies.

With the incoming releases of Huawei Mate 50 and P50 phones next year, the success of this major Chinese tech company will depend on how they will weather the U.S. ban.

Featured image courtesy of Tham Yuan Yuan/Pixabay

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