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Huawei applauds Apple for 5G leap, overshadows Samsung


Huawei wasn’t shy to give credit to Apple for leading the charge on 5G technology, but that came at the expense of Samsung.

Huawei is still in a sort of limbo following the U.S. blacklisting by former U.S. President Donald Trump. It remains to be seen if President Joe Biden will lift the ban on Huawei.

There are already signs pointing to removing the Chinese company from the list. However, it is still early, and it will probably take some more time before President Biden gives way to this issue.

Nonetheless, Huawei is trying to get on the good side of Apple, which could be a strong backer within the United States.

Huawei praises Apple for 5G leadership

The Chinese tech giant’s CEO Ren Zheng Fei admitted that Apple is its inspiration to move its technology forward. He highlighted the fact that Apple now provides ultra-fast download speeds on their devices. He said,

“We support the progress made by Apple’s iPhone 12, [which] has been able to achieve download speeds of 1.82 Gbps, making it the best in the world.”

However, this statement came with a self pat on the back when Ren added that Apple’s success is somewhat Huawei’s success too. He attributes the fast download speeds on the iPhones because of the wide 5G technology that Huawei has provided in many countries. He added,

“We helped build the best 5G networks in many cities around the world: Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, Vienna, Barcelona, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Riyadh… Our networks in Europe top global network performance tests.”

Apple is the clear inspiration for the Chinese tech giant

Ren said that Apple and Huawei are the only two tech companies that offer both software and hardware integration. He must have forgotten that Google actually makes the smartphone run by Android. Nevertheless, it seems like Huawei is trying to eclipse Samsung as the world’s second-best.

Last year, Huawei released an open-source Harmony OS to give way to the development of the native Huawei-built OS. Just like its smartphone hardware department, the development of the software has hit some snags. This is mainly due to the fact that shipments of their phones have dwindled worldwide.

There is still a silver lining for the company. As more countries pushed for the ban on Huawei, local purchases in China went up. It is even reportedly posting revenue growth on its year-on-year sales.

Despite what has happened in the past years, Ren remains positive about the future of his company.

Image from Denis Cherkashin/Unsplash

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