Huawei gives Google, Apple, and Tesla a run for their money with HiCar technology

Huawei is partnering up with multiple global car manufacturers to deliver smart driving technologies

Huawei’s HiCar is set to be released in several car models this year. The HiCar features will allow future automobiles to be smarter in terms of maintenance, actual driving, and accessibility.

Huawei is not stopping on its tracks to become fully independent from Google’s grasps after the blacklisting from 2019. The mobile tech company is leveraging its powerful technologies to establish a world where Google becomes a competitor on equal footing .

The Chinese company has already caught up or even surpassed its competitors in the consumer tech market. They have their eyes set on the automotive industry to give Google, Apple, and Tesla a run for their money.

HiCar is different from Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

HiCar’s vision is completely different from the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Huawei version plans to go beyond just simply having a co-pilot on board while the driver drives around town. The HiCar will work as a co-pilot while driving, but also as a mechanic, secretary, and companion.

The HiCar features look into integrating 100% with the automobiles they come with. Its features will be similar to Tesla’s car screen. Unlike Tesla, Huawei will integrate all of HiCar’s features in smart touch screens of up to 30 different car manufacturers this 2020.

Exclusivity isn’t on Huawei’s radar because the strategy is to roll out the tech to as many cars as possible around the world.

Huawei will not enter the automobile manufacturing business

Huawei isn’t copying its competitors’ business plan. Unlike Apple and Google, Huawei has no plans in manufacturing its own cars. In fact, Huawei only has its aims to integrate its tech business with car manufacturers.

As such, car manufacturers don’t see any problem working with Huawei. In fact, car manufacturers stand to gain more in this deal with the Chinese company. Car manufacturers do not have to develop its own platform for its users, which costs huge amounts of resources to pull off.

The Huawei track will allow car manufacturers to ship their cars that are already cloud connected and integrated with the ‘internet-of-vehicles’. Moreover car manufacturers will also be able to manage its own fleet and cross sell.

Data ownership is at the core of the partnerships

Huawei doesn’t look into owning the data that HiCar will gather from car users. Data privacy breach will not be have a problems similar to the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The data will be fully owned by the car manufacturers. Moreover, the manufacturers can customize the platform however way they want to.

Image courtesy of Omid Armin/ Unsplash

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