Huawei hits 100 million 5G users worldwide

Chinese tech giant Huawei recently claims that it has hit the 100 million mark for its 5G users around the world.

Huawei made the announcement during a recent conference held in China. The company added that a total of 92 carriers around the world are using its 5G equipment. Moreover, the company said that these carriers are starting to deploy these services.

Building a smart city

Huawei said that it is now looking into the deployment of 5G solutions in the industrial scale. Moreover, the tech giant is also working on the integration of 5G technology in building smart cities.

The company believes that the success of this project hinges on five important tech domains. These domains are cloud, connectivity, pervasive AI, computing, and industrial applications. With these domains, the company aims to develop the Chinese city of Shenzhen into a smart city.

Shenzhen also happens to be the city where Huawei headquarters is located. The city has become a major technology hub and the center of innovation in China.

The company said that it has already made several technology integrations at the Shenzhen Airport. The company has deployed facial-recognition access control systems at the airport. This allows for easy identification and renders manual processes obsolete.

The tech giant is also working alongside government agencies and industrial companies. It is highlighting how data integration helps in bridging the gap between government and private companies.

A big push for 5G adoption

China has one of the fastest 5G adoption rates in the world. The country is on the top spot when it comes to the rollout of 5G technology. In 2019, China was responsible for the majority of 5G sales during that year.

With a massive local market, Huawei is now in control of 74% of the 5G market share in China. The tech giant continues to flourish in its native country.

However, the bitter trade war between 92 carriers around the world are using its 5G equipment and the United States has severely affected the company’s business. The tech giant is now in the middle of growing tension between the two superpowers.

In a bid to slow down its adoption rate, United States President Donald Trump issued a trade ban against Huawei. Now, the tech giant is barred from making business deals with most of its foreign partners because of the ban.

The ban has a devastating effect on Huawei, especially on its smartphone division. Regardless, the tech giant is making a huge stride when it comes to its 5G products and technology.

Featured image courtesy of Framesira/Shutterstock

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