Huawei is requesting the UK to keep 5G partnership alive

Huawei is requesting the UK to keep 5G partnership alive

Huawei is pleading with the U.K. to ignore ‘groundless criticisms’ amid the talks on the 5G rollout of the company in the country.

Huawei has had a long history of backlashes regarding privacy and security in the past. These ghost of the recent past is still haunting them in the present.

The main concern is that the company works for the Chinese’s government pleasure. The fear is that the Chinese government has direct access to any type of information that goes through any of Huawei’s devices.

Despite these allegations, the company is adamant that no such thing is happening. They continue to position that their users’ information is secure and well kept from unlawful access.

Huawei writes to the U.K. government

Huawei’s operation head, Victor Zhang has said in an open letter that the U.K. has nothing to worry about in using their devices especially in the planned future 5G roll out.

He said that Huawei is maintaining its position to push the U.K. to the forefront of telecommunications. Moreover, the partnership is facing crucial times in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

People are staying home more because of the lockdown, and the usage of the internet has shot up to almost 50% in the U.K. Victor has committed that Huawei’s U.K. division is hard at work in maintaining its facilities to keep the information sharing at its tip-top shape.

UK Huawei 5G network

Additionally, Victor reiterates that the attacks against the company are baseless. More and more smear campaigns are lobbied against them without any concrete evidence to support the claims.

This statement comes very timely as more cell towers and masts across the U.K. are burned or destroyed. Misinformation has spread that cell towers cause people to be vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Huawei 5G rollout still imminent for the U.K.

Even after the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson approved of the limited participation of Huawei in the rollout, some members of the parliament remain doubtful of the safety.

The basic counterpoint of some member of the U.K. parliament is that key information about State may be leaked to China.

Moreover, essential shared information on security and partnerships with U.K.’s partners might be infiltrated.

Despite these fears, the U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says that the U.K. was right in its decision. He said that the government had already studied the technology of Huawei. The government does not have to fear.

He said that limiting Huawei’s participation in the 5G roll out to the peripheries was the right move.

Image courtesy of Artur Tumasjan/Unsplash

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