Huawei MateBook 14 2020: Not worth it?

After Huawei faced the US ban, which has caused a series of unstoppable problems for the brand, the Chinese manufacturer refuses to give out banger products like the Huawei MateBook 14 2020.

The Huawei MateBook 14 2020 AMD was launched not more than a month ago, in heels of the brand’s struggle in creating products.

The MateBook 14 2020 is not a gaming or a fancy laptop; it only classifies as an UltraBook, meant for users of all kinds.

Furthermore, it’s simple and minimalistic design caters to the population’s majority. The size and thickness make the laptop a perfect fit for travel.

MateBook 14 2020: Specifications

Until the previous generation models, one could only get the MateBook in Intel Core-i5 or Core-i7 variants, but the model launched in 2020 comes with AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 processors.

On the other hand, the storage can go either 8GB or 16GB in RAM, coupled with 256GB or 512GB of primary storage.

The MateBook 14 2020 also comes with a 56Wh battery and a 65W charger, as per GSM Arena.


The MateBook 14 2020 is a very minimalistic laptop. It only features an aluminum body available in space grey color.

The laptop weighs 1.49 kilograms, making it very easy to carry. However, the weight is not distributed equally, so holding it with a single hand might be difficult. The same uneven weight distribution also requires both of the hands to open the device.

As for the display, Huawei has provided a 14-inch 2160x1440px IPS LCD touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

The touchscreen on the device is fantastic, but it forced Huawei to use a glossy display, making the laptop the worst tool in bright conditions.


Because of the high-quality design of the MateBook 14 2020, the body of the laptop has no flex, which makes for an outstanding typing experience.

On the other hand, the trackpad feels slightly not sturdy, according to a report by Android Authority.

The Geekbench scores show that the MateBook 14 2020 is a powerful device capable of producing high-quality performance.

While the CPU scores are impressive, the laptop is not mainly made for gaming, as evident from the lack of a discrete GPU.

The device relies on the beefy graphics portion of its CPU for gaming. Also, the lines of distinction between gaming and productivity enlarge.

As per the sources, productivity-related tasks give about 6 hours of usage while gaming would provide 45 minutes of use.

For the starting price of EUR 849, the MateBook 14 2020 is a strong contender against the lights of Apple MacBook Air and the Dell XPS 13.

Image courtesy of MonicaZ82/Shutterstock

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