Huawei Mobile Services will be key for the Huawei ecosystem

Huawei Mobile Services will be key for the Huawei ecosystem

Huawei focuses on developing its own Huawei Mobile Services to push for an integrated ecosystem of Huawei devices in the future.

No Chinese company is safe from the eyes of the U.S. government. The crackdown on them has been fast and harsh. TikTok, for its part, is scrambling to find a buyer of its U.S. operation. Huawei, on the other hand, is still suffering from the existing ban on them.

Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t moved towards anything positive. Instead, the Chinese company is still limping towards a ban-less future. Nevertheless, the people in the company remain upbeat for a Huawei dominated tomorrow.

Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem

Huawei is said to be aiming to become more like Apple than Google. In Huawei, they aim to produce both hardware and software for their products. The result of this will be an integrated ecosystem that can rival the seamlessness of Apple. Huawei UK’s Managing Director Anson Zhang said,

“With our own ecosystem, in the future we will make all your devices work with each other smartly, based on our own platform, HMS.”

This goal is easier said than done. Huawei is facing unprecedented pushback from several countries around the world. Zhang’s current home base is one of the main countries pushing for a total boycott of Huawei. As such, the country aims to rid itself of all Huawei devices. Be that as it may, Zhang maintains that they have a bright future ahead. He said,

“Although there are lots of challenges and rumours and pressure, we are committed to our investments, our ecosystem… This strategy will work.”

More challenges ahead for Huawei

Zhang admits that getting to the level of Apple may take five to ten years to achieve. It is because of the chicken and egg dilemma that they have. Not many consumers outside of China believe that the company will bounce back. As such, they decide not to buy any Huawei device. In addition, they are worried that they may be alienated from any update that Google rolls out.

Without enough customers, developers are not interested in making an app designed especially for the Huawei Mobile Services. No customers mean no apps. No apps also mean no customers. Zhang says that the company is busy providing a solution to this problem. Huawei is allocating up to AU$ 4.2 billion for developers to hop on the platform.

Once they fix this issue, they can expect more customers to start coming back into the fold. As a result, they can then push for the ecosystem they are advocating. After all, the smartphone will be the brain of this new giant they’re building.

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