Huawei remains in EE network for another two years

BT recently announced that Huawei remains in the EE network for another two years, despite the agreement that China’s human-made equipment be removed by 2020. They said that the removal of the equipment from the EE core network would be postponed.

The recent announcement says that all the primary mobile traffic will be provided by Ericsson starting the year 2023. The government had set the deadline in January 2020. It points to the government having to decide that 65% of the network edge line will be removed from Huawei.

“In order to reach these ambitious targets within the time limits set by the government and to align with their concentration on 5G networks, we now intend to prioritize the migration of our 5G customers to the new heart of Ericsson, followed by our 4G customers,” their spokesperson said.

The US urges officials to ban Huawei

Since Huawei remains in the EE network, the United States continues to urge the officials to ban them. As a result, phone owners of Huawei do not have media playback. In response, multiple MPs are now butting heads against their party.

The former secretary of International Trade and Defense said that there is no need that Huawei remains in the EE network. Some events are proving that the British security infrastructure should completely cut off ties with China. 

“Any delay will meet with great resistance,” Dr. Liam Fox MP added, regarding the issue that Huawei remains in the EE network. 

5G network

The network core of a cellular phone is much like the brain. It is one of the significant parts that keep the mobile phone operating. This system will deliver data from one network to another.

On the other hand, its radio access network is the edge line. It contains the antennas and base stations that will preserve the link of mobile devices into the central system. 

 5G-enabled-smartphones can enjoy a high-speed internet compared to 4G customers. 

BT Chairman joins the Huawei’s UK board

The chairman of BT, Michael Rake, has recently joined Huawei’s UK board. Rake acted on defense for Huawei for the past few months.

He argued that the restrictions imposed on Huawei would only result in a damaged relationship between China and the UK. Now, Huawei remains in the EE network, but the brand only has two years before their equipment is pulled out and ultimately banned.

Furthermore, Huawei said that if this continues, the 5G rollout will result in “disservice” to the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Huawei is working on their new nova seven phones that will feature curved screens and dual cut-outs to launch this April 23. 

Images courtesy of Geralt/Pixabay, Pixabay/Pexels

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