Huawei set to become the world’s largest smartphone maker in Q2 2020

Huawei set to become the world’s largest smartphone maker in Q2 2020

Huawei seems to have carried the critical momentum since it was crowned with the title in April 2020.

Huawei is now expected to overtake Samsung as the world’s largest phone maker in Q2 2020. The latest development surrounding the smartphone manufacturer’s global placement was taken from recent reports in the Chinese media.

Staying strong

Accordingly, shipments of Samsung smartphones are slated to figure a decline of 30 percent. Although Huawei’s shipments were also affected due to the ongoing pandemic, the company’s decline appeared to be only at the slightest.

The Chinese firm was already leading the global mobile market in April and May this year, in terms of smartphone shipments. This is an impressive feat for the firm as the company has already been banned by the United States and faces the same fate in other countries.

Huawei: Still massive in China

A considerable part of Huawei’s success is attributed to its performance in Mainland China. While Samsung generates a meager one percent share in the vital region, Huawei manages to capture a substantial 60 percent market share.

However, Huawei mustn’t slack off now that it has already met its goal made years ago. In May, the Chinese smartphone giant clinched a market share of 19.7 percent, while Samsung was slightly behind with a 19.6 percent share. The global market produced 81.97 million shipments at that time.

A similar difference can be gleaned between the two smartphone brands in April. Samsung managed a 19.1 percent market share, while Huawei generated a 21.4 percent.

Challenging times ahead

Whether Huawei will retain its lead in the following month remains to be seen. Currently, the company has been facing mounting pressure from western countries. Alongside the brand’s current lack of support for Google apps and services in its recent smartphone releases, this could spell trouble for the company.

The U.S. has also added another sanction on Huawei, which bars the company from utilizing American technologies for its chipset-manufacturing. As it stands, TSMC has already stopped taking new orders from the company.

In preparation

The company could also be gearing up for these challenges as the company initiated some strategies to alleviate the said prediction. The company hinted previously that it is already enriching its apps, under the Huawei Mobile Services with AppGallery.

Huawei and Samsung are also, reportedly, in talks to figure a deal. The pact would see the former fabricating advanced chips for the latter’s 5G equipment. Huawei is set to give up a good portion of its market share in return.

Everything appears to be hot and cold for Huawei. But if there’s anything, the company is doing better than expected.

Images courtesy of Huawei Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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