Huawei teams up with Here WeGo to persuade users to stay

Huawei teams up with Here WeGo to persuade users to stay

Huawei surprised the tech world when it announced its partnership with Here. The app is tagged as the world’s most reliable navigation app even ahead of Google Maps.

Huawei is facing its most challenging year yet in its recent strings of success. The backlash of Google’s pullout is sending negative shock waves throughout the company’s sales. The damage of not having Google is even spreading across its non-smartphone business.

The Chinese tech company is still in limbo when it comes to the 5G rollout talks in the U.K. Not only that, Huawei is also facing serious threats of pull out from the U.S. and other European countries.

Nevertheless, the company is still busy working on its Chinese main market to stay afloat. It even has made a huge partnership with a legacy company.

One big step with Here WeGo

The withdrawal of Google Mobile Services in all Huawei devices was a tough blow, to say the least. It would seem like Huawei is ready to move on from that bitter past.

Over the weekend, Huawei just announced its partnership with Here WeGo. The Here app is now available for download in Huawei’s AppGallery. As a refresher, Here WeGo has always been involved with matters related to navigation.

The company started in 1985 since then has taken on many forms for different companies. Its most recent smartphone-related ride was with Nokia. The famous handphone manufacturer acquired Here WeGo back in 2007.

Its eyes were set on shipping all of its smartphones with the Here WeGo application as its standard navigation platform. However, the company was sidetracked with other projects that the Here Wego application was shelved for a while.

In 2015, the company decided to formulate an app that can run on Android, and it was since then that it became accessible to most users.

What does Here WeGo mean for Huawei?

Here WeGo plays as the big brother for Huawei in this navigation app partnership despite the latter being the hardware. Huawei is banking on Here WeGo’s legacy to add to its credibility.

The partnership is part of a bigger picture for Huawei. This tandem means that Huawei will now be able to serve its present and future users with a powerful navigation app through the AppGallery.

Additionally, the Chinese manufacturer is showing its users that the company is actively pursuing alternatives to Google’s basic services.

The goal is still far for Huawei, but this partnership is towards the right direction. Their time to find alternatives for Google services started ticking early last year, and they might not have much time left.

Image courtesy of @Here Technologies/ Twitter

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