Huawei will no longer have Samsung and LG displays

Huawei will no longer have Samsung and LG displays

The Huawei mobile division is on shambles once again as Samsung and LG will stop supplying display panels. The two companies are halting display sales due to the U.S. imposed restrictions.

According to Reuters, Samsung and LG will stop providing displays to Huawei starting this September 15. One clause on the upcoming U.S. trade ban is the prohibition of processors to power display.

This means that LG and Samsung will have to stop selling their panels to the Chinese OEM.

LG stated that the move will not affect the majority of its display sales. However, Samsung declined to comment on how it will affect its relationship with Huawei when it comes to display panels.

Samsung is one of the largest screen providers for premium smartphones. It is currently providing Apple and other OEMs displays for several smartphone models.

Despite being mum on the situation, the Korean tech giant is not expected to take a big hit on its display sales. Apple continues to take the larger market share of Samsung displays at the moment.

BOE will continue to provide panels to Huawei as of the moment.

Huawei is offering HarmonyOS to devices besides smartphones

No Google, no problem

Huawei is reportedly launching HarmonyOS 2.0 to other manufacturers starting next year. Google parted ways with the company after the U.S. sanction leaving the company fending off for itself.

However, it managed to come back quickly with new smartphones running its own software—the HarmonyOS.

This time, it is sharing the new OS to other manufacturers in hopes of providing a different option besides Android. But OEMs may only use HarmonyOS on smartwatches, car head-units, and television.

Huawei is building its ecosystem around HarmonyOS for its future devices. Other companies may try the software. However, it will be challenging to lure companies considering the issues surrounding the Chinese media giant.

Images used courtesy of Alex Escu,Dmitry Rodionov/Unsplash

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