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Hugh Grant allegedly looks distressed at 60


Hugh Grant recently sparked rumors that he could be distressed.

New Idea recently published a photo of Hugh Grant looking stressed and disheveled. And they immediately claimed that the 60-year-old actor has come undone.

Hugh Grant worked too hard in ‘The Undoing’

After playing the role of a psychopath and doctor in The Undoing, Grant, allegedly, took his character to heart and transformed into a similar person.

“He pushed himself really far for the series that it broke him. He’s a shadow of himself and is shutting himself away ever since the show wrapped up,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Grant’s wife is worried about him. And she’s been worried about the actor for years.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. New Idea seemingly debunked their claims after they said that Grant looks distressed because of his role.

It is possible that the photo that they used in their article was taken while he’s on the set of The Undoing.

If there’s something serious going on with Grant, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on it.

Did Hugh Grant disrespect Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman?

Meanwhile, Grant also made headlines last year after Woman’s Day alleged that he disrespected Keith Urban.

A source alleged that Hugh Grant asked Nicole Kidman out on a date even though he knows that she’s with Urban.

The insider claimed that Urban understands that Grant and Kidman needed to promote The Undoing, but the actor seemingly went a bit too far.

Additionally, Urban also, allegedly, stressed Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard’s close bond. The two played the role of a couple in Big Little Lies.

“Don’t forget, Nicole and Alex played a married couple already in Big Little Lies and she kissed him passionately on the mouth at an awards ceremony right in front of Keith. If that’s how touchy she is with Alex in the most public of arenas, what are they like in a cozy little trailer when they’re running lines?” the source said.

However, none of these rumors about Urban, Kidman, Skarsgard, and Hugh Grant are true. There’s no indication that the latter asked Kidman out on a date.

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