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Hugh Grant disrespects Keith Urban by asking Nicole Kidman for a date: Rumor


Keith Urban, allegedly, felt disrespected by Hugh Grant after the actor asked his wife, Nicole Kidman, out on a date.

Grant and Kidman are working together in the movie, The Undoing. And according to Woman’s Day, the A-lister’s chemistry is palpable, which is stressing Keith Urban out.

Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman flirting with each other?

But while everyone is waiting for the premiere of their new project, Urban couldn’t help but feel anxious over his wife’s connection with Grant.

The country musician isn’t also thrilled to hear Grant asking Kidman out on a date to The Ivy.

“He understands they need to say interesting things to promote their show, but anyone would admit it feels fairly disrespectful of her husband,” the source said.

Keith Urban worried about Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard working together

Urban is also stressing over Kidman’s upcoming reunion with Alexander Skarsgard. The Big Little Lies co-stars will team up in The Norseman.

“Don’t forget, Nicole and Alex played a married couple already in Big Little Lies and she kissed him passionately on the mouth at an awards ceremony right in front of Keith. If that’s how touchy she is with Alex in the most public of arenas, what are they like in a cozy little trailer when they’re running lines?” the source said.

The insider also said that if he’s in the musician’s shoes, he would also be worried.

Keith Urban insecure over Lenny Kravitz

Keith Urban is also, allegedly, feeling insecure over Kidman’s ex, Lenny Kravitz. The actress has, allegedly, been commenting on Kravitz’s good looks after the latter appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

“Seeing that on every newsstand has to make Keith feel a bit insecure. Especially since Nicole and Lenny are still close, given she’s friends with his daughter Zoe,” the source said.

According to the tabloid, the deluge of other men in Kidman’s life couldn’t come at a worse time for Urban. After all, he’s been away from his wife because he’s going back and forth between Nashville and Australia.

“With all the carry-on with Hugh, and staring down the barrel of her going away with Alex, I’m sure Keith will be spending a little more time in his wardrobe these days,” the source said.

The tabloid seemingly preyed on Kidman’s recent revelation about her husband. While speaking with Marie Claire, the actress said that there are times when she would see the American Idol judge playing his guitar in his closet.

And in moments like these, Kidman knows that she needs to give Keith Urban some space.

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