Hugh Laurie allegedly locking himself away for weeks amid quarantine

Hugh Laurie allegedly locking himself away for weeks amid quarantine

Hugh Laurie is, allegedly, locking himself away from his friends and family while in quarantine.

Hugh Laurie, the popular singer, actor, and comedian is reportedly cracking under the stress of quarantine. One tabloid claimed that he was “going daffy during isolation.” But those claims are not true.

Hugh Laurie is struggling mentally amid the pandemic

Many are struggling physically, mentally, and financially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Globe published a report claiming that Hugh Laurie is having a hard time due to social isolation.

A so-called insider claimed that Laurie has been “climbing up the walls” at his home. He is also reportedly isolating from his friends and family.

“A lot of people have been trying to reach him, but he ignores everyone’s calls and has been locking himself away from the world for weeks,” the tipster said.

“Even his family can’t get any face time with him, and the rare occasions they have he’s been hell-on-earth to be around.”

The source alleged that the cause was Laurie not being able to work that was why he was going “stir-crazy.” Furthermore, he is reportedly stuck in London and stewing in his own juices.

“It’s not a happy time, and he’s not bothering to pretend it is,” the source added.


Mental health rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims questioning Hugh Laurie’s mental state. According to the publication, the only correct claim from the report is that it is indeed not a happy time which is true for everyone.

Also, Laurie’s spokesperson denied the report.

In addition, Hugh Laurie has recently appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. On the contrary, Laurie was beaming and appeared healthy and well.

In fact, he seemed to be in his usual self. The versatile star even sang “Happy Birthday” to Stephen Colbert. Moreover, he described his quarantine experience “lucky.”

Laurie reveals his favorite role

During Hugh Laurie’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, the latter asked him his favorite role. Laurie said he loved his role on the Fox medical drama series House the most.

“I think it would have to be House,” he said.

However, Laurie still found the question “cruel” because he loved all of his roles in a way. In fact, he is also fond of his character in Jeeves and Wooster. However, he still settled with House.

According to Laurie his role in House was the “most thrilling adventure” as an actor. In fact, he considered himself “lucky” for landing the role which was an “amazing experience” for him.

Image used courtesy of Chris HE / Flickr

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