Hugh Laurie ‘Roadkill’ scandal: ‘House’ star schemes in new thriller

Hugh Laurie Roadkill

BBC and PBS have a new Masterpiece series featuring House star Hugh Laurie as a scheming politician. The thriller Roadkill is a four-episode gripping drama from scribe David Hare and creator/director Michael Keillor.

Hugh Laurie plays the narcissistic Conservative minister, Peter Laurence, whose political career is at its peak. But soon after achieving the top post, the politician’s enemies come after him to reveal the skeletons in his closet.

According to The Wrap, the series will uncover Peter’s real agenda as his political enemies plot his downfall. The unrepentant character will also square off with Britain’s Prime Minister Dawn Ellison, played by Peaky Blinders actress Helen McRory.

The prime minister thinks that her Conservative minister is rotten but he assures her that he’s got a “squeaky clean” reputation.

In an interview with TV Insider, Laurie revealed that playing Laurence had been exhilarating.

“I’m not like [my character],” the actor said. “I spend too much time looking backward, regretting or wondering whether I did the right thing or could have done better.”

The perfect embodiment of Peter Laurence

Hare revealed that he was excited to work with the House actor again after nearly three decades.

“I first worked with Hugh Laurie in 1987,” the scribe said. “He set off on his riveting change of direction from adroit comedian to commanding dramatic actor.”

Piers Winger, the BBC head for drama, said that Laurie played Laurence with “utter conviction” and described the thriller as equally brilliant, sharp and funny.

Roadkill also stars Saskia Reeves (Luther) as Laurence’s wife and Millie Brady (The Last Kingdom) as his estranged daughter. Also in the cast are Pip Torrens (The Crown), Iain De Caestecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Sidse Babett Knudsen (Westworld) and Danny Ashok (Four Lions).


Affection for playing Dr. House

Meanwhile, since his popular medical series House ended, Laurie has had success in shows like Veep, The Night Manager and Avenue 5. The actor, however, said that he will always look back on his role as the Sherlock Holmes-like doctor with “great pride and affection.”

He described his work on the series as one of the most intense works he truly cared about.  He said he obsessed with every detail of his character and drove his co-stars crazy.

Laurie said that while he doesn’t have the “pep” to revisit House today, he’d be open to a movie version and he will insist on having his co-star Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) around.

Though he can’t imagine a House movie happening, Hugh Laurie said he won’t be able to say no to creator David Shore if this kind of project ever came up.


Image courtesy of BBC/YouTube

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