Hulu adds another set of movies to stream other than ‘High Fidelity’

Hulu, a platform that has a stack of shows, adds another roster for streamers. Hulu has been hitting out of the park with comedy series like The Great and High Fidelity.

A few stunning Hulu co-productions like Normal People and This Way Up adds to its authenticity as well. Ther is a pool of various shows over Hulu. Let’s look up the best shows of the stack from Hulu streamer.

This Way Up

This Way Up is centered on a woman who has a nervous breakdown. This show amalgamates the shades of darkness with a stream of jokes. Aine, the female protagonist, is doing several things in the show, paving a path for several jokes and punches.

When she is not worried about her elder sister, she teaches English as a second language. She dates several guys whom she thinks as available, but they aren’t. Aine is played by a superb actress, Aisling Bea.

This show is at the pinnacle of shows revolving around a woman who is figuring things out.


James Franco serves up an impressive actor in a sci-fi thriller series, based on a novel written by Stephen King. The character named James Epping, a divorced English teacher is persuaded to nip back in time.

He nips back to 22 November 1963, to prevent the assassination of John F Kennedy, with the help of various conspiracies and mind games. A combination of a thriller and romance, this show provides all that you need to sign up for a more extended period.

Normal People

Normal People is the story about a couple who see their ups and downs together. From growing up their relationship from the Irish coast to going to the same university in Dublin, they know many ups and downs, making this mini-series worth watching.

The heartbreaks, breakups, depression, and a process of reliving the affectionate while journey, make you embed in their lives. It’s incredibly hard not to fall for the story depicted in this mini-series, looking at such a soulful couple.

Castle Rock

The stories of Stephen King-inspired the show consist of complicated characters and their mysterious methods to showcase their dark shade.

Over two seasons, the show revolves around a titular town having suspicious characters like a criminal attorney, a prisoner, and the niece of Jack Torrence King.

King Fans will really like this show because of the several references, while others can enjoy the psychological horror climax of the series.

Image courtesy of Budiman B Daud/Shutterstock

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