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Hulu releases trailer for Marvel’s ‘Helstrom’ horror series


Hulu has dropped the first official trailer of Helstrom, a new Marvel Comics series that will be making its debut on October 16 later this year.

The streaming service provider released the trailer during its digital San Diego Comic-Con panel, while also confirming the news through its official Twitter page.

In the digital panel, showrunner Paul Zbyszewski (Lost, Day Break) discussed the upcoming horror series along with some of the show’s cast, including Tom Austen (from The Royals), Sydney Lemmon (Fear the Walking Dead, Succession), Elizabeth Marvel (Unbelievable, Homeland), Robert Wisdom (Watchmen, The Hot Zone), Ariana Guerra (Insatiable, Raising Dion), June Carryl (Dead Women Walking, Mindhunter), and Alain Uy (Paper Tigers, The Passage).

Venturing into horror

Helstrom will mark the first-ever that Marvel is venturing into the horror genre, after mostly delivering action-adventure and fantasy offerings in past years.

In Marvel’s Helstrom, the protagonist is Daimon Helstrom (played by Tom Austen), an ethics professor who also happens to be very good at hunting serial killers.

He is joined by her sister Ana (Sydney Lemmon), who manages an auction house when she’s not out eliminating psychotic murderers.

The siblings have a complicated childhood, to say the least, mainly due to the fact that they are kids of a serial killer mother.

Although their mom Victoria (portrayed by Elizabeth Marvel) has been locked in a mental institution for a couple of decades now, she is about to unleash demonic forces upon the world.

Still, they get some help in the form of the Caretaker (Robert Wisdom), a guardian of the occult who also hunts evil beings, and Gabriella Rossetti (Arian Guerra), an agent straight from the Vatican.

The upcoming horror series is based on the Marvel Comics characters of Daimon and Satana Hellstrom (note the different spelling).

In the comics version, the siblings are literally Satan’s kids (hence their names), groomed to be the successors of the devil himself. And while Daimon is pulling a Hellboy on his dad, Satana, unfortunately, chose to embrace the wicked ways.

Obviously, Hulu’s version will differ in a lot of ways with regards to the family dynamic unique to the Helstroms.

Still, Helstrom’s first season should be expected to bring on no less than ten episodes worth of scares and revelations for Marvel fans ready to step into the dark side.

Helstrom will debut on Hulu on October 16. The show is produced by Marvel Studios and ABC Signature Studios. The executive producers are Jeph Loeb, Karim Zreik, and Paul Zbyszewski.

Featured image courtesy of Helstrom (Hulu)

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